This year LPS has teamed up with the Gallup Organization, The Clifton Strengths Institute, The University of Nebraska, The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools, and other Lincoln Schools, to “identify, educate, mentor and inspire the next generation.” The goal is to identify those students who have a “natural gift to create economic energy and social impact where none existed before.” To this end, the district has purchased a Gallup Builders Assessment for each 9th grader to complete. All 3400 LPS 9th graders and up to 750 others are taking the Gallup Builders survey (BP 10) and receiving their results.
Once all the assessments have been taken:
1. The top 300-400 students will be invited to an Inspiration rally at UNL’s Innovation Tech Campus
2. The top 100-200 students will attend a Boot Camp/Pitch Competition to “Pitch an Idea” where the winning team (up to 5 students) will receive funding for their initiating idea
3. Based on the BP10 assessment, boot camp/pitch competition & application, 30 students will receive a scholarship to attend the UNL Clifton Strengths Institute Summer Immersion session. Each graduate of the session will receive a 529 account in their name in the amount of $500 for their future educational pursuits post-high school!
* Most 9th graders were able to take this assessment in their English 9, English 9D, or Civics course last week. If your student does not currently have one of those courses, there’s a good chance that they have not yet taken the assessment. Please ask them if they have already taken the assessment- if they have not, the window in which to take this assessment is through the end of Thursday, February 15th. Taking the assessment could ultimately mean free funds for College/University!
Please follow the instructions below to take the Builder Profile 10 assessment:
1. Visit (Jump Code PLGY)
2. Copy and paste the access code ESF-FZ4MF-A244R into the available field, and click Continue.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a Gallup Strengths Center account. You will need to use your LPS email address(
4. Once registered, you will be able to take the BP10 assessment. Please give yourself 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete it.