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Wartburg College’s Leadership and Service Summit

Sudents interested in attending Wartburg College can earn college credit and a scholarship while exploring their leadership potential this summer at the Leadership and Service Summit (LSS). They will gain hands-on experience in team-building, self discovery, service learning, and leadership development. Choose from two locations: Wartburg College (Waverly, Iowa): June 24-30, 2018  Wartburg West (Mt. Evans and Denver, Colo.): July… Read more »

Tulane University Deadlines

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The Early Decision and Early Action deadlines will be here soon. Students will need to submit their applications by November 1 for Early Decision and November 15 for Early Action, and they can expect an admission decision by December 15 and January 15, respectively. We accept the Common App and our Tulane application, and there is never a fee! Students planning to apply for one of… Read more »

ScholarshipGuidance.com Scholarships

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ScholarshipGuidance.com announces the following scholarships are now available: 1. FACT Scholarships – December 31, 2017 (8 Awards – $10,000) https://scholarshipguidance.com/scholarship_fact_scholarships_9172.php?&utm_source=newsletter01&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201710&utm_content=8536bea5f0cf47199d4fb94a7dae791e 2. Zeqr Scholarship – December 15, 2017 (1 Award – $1,000) https://scholarshipguidance.com/scholarship_zeqr_scholarship_9173.php?&utm_source=newsletter01&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201710&utm_content=8536bea5f0cf47199d4fb94a7dae791e 3. Elks Most Valuable Student Competition – November 30, 2017 (500 Awards – $50,000) https://scholarshipguidance.com/scholarship_elks_most_valuable_student_competition_9012.php?&utm_source=newsletter01&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201710&utm_content=8536bea5f0cf47199d4fb94a7dae791e 4. 10 Words or Less Scholarship – November 1, 2017 (1 Award –… Read more »