LPS ACT Test Prep Program

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The LPS Test Prep Program has 3 ACT workshops left this year (timed for the December, April and June tests). Next year, they will offer a combined PSAT/SAT workshop in the fall.
Each ACT workshop has 9 classes – 8 of actual instruction on mostly Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm, with the 9th class on a Saturday morning to take a complete practice test. Course content includes:
— Testing strategies that apply to all test sections and strategies for specific test sections
— Content review: grammar, math, and some science
— Practice tests so students can practice the strategies and time-management
This year, all classes are held at Lincoln High. Each workshop costs $125, but tuition is lowered to $25 for students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. To qualify, students need to provide the following documentation: an email from a school counselor, or a copy of the lunch approval letter. If even the $25 payment is a hardship, please contact your assigned counselor for additional details.
Students can register online by going to http://wp.lps.org/testprep/ and clicking “Register Now.” However, LPS does not offer on-line payment options, so parents must mail payment OR call LPSDO Accounting and arrange for a credit card payment. A registration is not complete until payment is received. Workshops fill up often, so  students and parents need to make the payment promptly.
Please click here to view the 2015-16 LPS ACT Test Prep Program’s brochure.  If you have questions about the workshops, please contact Linda Geisert at lgeisert@lps.org.