LPSAOP “Leading the Way” Award

This annual award is being established to honor and recognize an LPSAOP member who demonstrates leadership skills and the willingness to go “above and beyond”. The award seeks to recognize an LPSAOP member who enthusiastically faces challenges, enjoys supporting the education of our youth and promotes professional development for themselves and their co-workers.

The new 2018-19 nomination form can be found at the bottom of this page. Check it out and nominate a deserving LPSAOP member. If you have any questions contact Beth Vaughn bvaughn@lps.org, our 2018-19 Committee Director.

2018-19 LPSAOP “Leading the Way” Criteria


2018 LPSAOP “Leading the Way” Award┬áRecipient
Stacy Wilkinson- Human Resources
May 10, 2018