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A Message from our 2018-2019 President, Peggy Clagett!

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I am excited about the upcoming year as President of LPSAOP. This past year we increased our membership by 27 office professionals which I would like to see us do again this year. By doing this, we keep our association strong which gives all of us opportunities to share our strengths with other members. As President, I would like to continue with our engaging and entertaining meetings, events and staff development. I would like to encourage all of you to be confident and courageous. I would like all of you to be empowered as office professionals and also in your personal life. But, most importantly, I would like all of us to help create the leaders of tomorrow by sharing our strengths and skills with each other.

2018 Spring Membership Event (Photos)

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“I would like to thank all the association members that attended the LPSAOP Spring Membership Event “Open Lines of Communication”. And a HUGE thank you to my AWESOME committee of Joann Artz, Cindy Hennen, Kelly Jack, Mary Lou Krull, Carol Reed, Tina Sovereign, and Shari Ullman. Because of these ladies and all those who attended, I enjoyed a very pleasant evening. And I still remember some of the tips from our speaker, Jennifer Johnson, when I don’t return that phone call in a timely manner.” Thank you, Beth Vaughn