A Message from our 2018-2019 President

I’d like to share with you a little story that my very best friend once shared with me some time ago. 

There is a marvelous story of a man who once stood before God, his heart breaking from the pain and injustice in the world.  “Dear God,” he cried out.  “Look at all the suffering, the anguish and distress in the world.  Why don’t you send help?”  God responded, “I did send help.  I sent you.” 

You are a part of an association that only the very best people in our field belong to.  You are the elite.  You are the cream of the crop.  Only the very best people will make time and make the sacrifice to come to meetings and events on a regular basis like all of you. 

I am excited about the upcoming year as President of LPSAOP.  This past year we increased our membership by 27 office professionals which I would like to see us do again this year.  By doing this, we keep our association strong which gives all of us opportunities to share our strengths with other members.  As President, I would like to continue with our engaging and entertaining meetings, events and staff development.  I would like to encourage all of you to be confident and courageous.  I would like all of you to be empowered as office professionals and also in your personal life.   But, most importantly, I would like all of us to help create the leaders of tomorrow by sharing our strengths and skills with each other. 

At last year’s national conference, I had the opportunity to listen to a motivational speaker by the name of Sam Glen.  If you have EVER heard Sam speak, you know the excitement that he shares.  I received one of his books in my first time attender bag called “Share your Popcorn”.  This book is about how a little positivity can change everything.  I’d like to share what Sam has to say about what “sharing your popcorn” really means (Pages 16-19).  I have chosen Sam’s book title as my theme for my year as President.    

If you had to describe yourself in one word only, what would it be?  That one word is your POPCORN.  It’s the heart and attitude you share with others everyday through your work and personal leadership.  We are all leaders.  When you woke up today, you started your day by making choices.  That’s leading yourself.  Leadership is the assumption of responsibility and how we manage that responsibility daily.    Popcorn is the heart we choose every day.  It’s your attitude!  What is your one word?  Whatever it is, that’s your popcorn! 

According to Sam Glen, there are 10 principles of sharing your popcorn. 

Sharing Your Popcorn is:

1. Giving Your Best Everyday
2. Caring from the Heart
3. Following through and finishing strong
4. Recognizing, rewarding and Inspiring Greatness in Others
5. Setting an Example others will replicate
6. Learning, growing and expanding everyday
7. Demonstrating courage outside the comfort zone
8. Turning a mess into something meaningful
9. Taking one thing every day and all day- responsibility
10. Leading with purpose

As President of LPSAOP, I would like to share my popcorn with all of you!

So. . . .until we see each other again, please, please keep sharing your popcorn!