On Friday we learned that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away adding to one of the many losses of 2020. This year will go down in the record books. The quote above is definitely something that will never leave me. We need to empower each other during this difficult time. It’s time that we all work with each other to make sure that our association thrives. Don’t forget to remind other Office Professionals of the importance of coming together this year as it is a negotiation year. We want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and the only way to do this is by encouraging them to join LPSAOP. Thank you for stepping up to the challenge by joining LPSAOP!  

Please consider joining a committee!

This year we will be trying things a little different as it’s likely all committee meetings will take place via Zoom. Please consider joining a committee as we want to keep events interesting and exciting for members. Review the LPSAOP Committee website to see if any committees interest you. Reach out to Jessica Mlady, President Elect (jmlady@lps.org) if you would like to join a committee. We look forward to seeing your face and hearing your thoughts on how to make LPSAOP even better through the various committees we have!

Ways and Means Virtual Vendor Fair- THE EVENT IS NOW LIVE!

The event goes live October 1st and will end October 17th! Each vendor will have a chance to showcase their products one day during the event and will post periodically on their own website for us to see different things they have to offer. We will have the opportunity to purchase products October 1st through October 17th! The event link below is public so you don’t have to have a Facebook account to view the information. We also added direct links to the vendors websites from the LPSAOP website on the Virtual Vendor Fair – Fall Fundraiser page.

Here is a link to our Event on Facebook and the LPSAOP website will be updated with links to each of the seller’s vendor websites or Facebook pages.

PSP – Are you interested in more information? 

Unsure what the PSP program is, check out the LSPAOP website for more PSP information

Two PSP Workshops are scheduled and will be done via Zoom on October 6 and October 14 at 4:45 PM. Reach out to Nancy Harter(nharter@lps.org) if you are interested in attending these events and she will send an invite along with notes for the workshop. 

Save the Date for the Fall Membership Event!

The event will take place via Zoom on October 20th. More information to come, watch your email for an official invite!

REMINDER: Community Networking – Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach Donation Drive

There are several ways to donate until the donation drive ends on Tuesday, September 30

  • Stacy Grant, HR District Office-drop off donation 
  • Interoffice mail to Nancy Jagadich at Maxey 
  • Monetary Donations: send to Trista Kramer  Box 52, cash or check made to LPSAOP – memo MTKO donation, we will combine and send 1 check to MTKO. 

Suggested donations: travel size hygiene products, bug spray and razors, also cash and check donations accepted.

Thank you for your participation, email njagadi@lps.org with questions. 


Have a great week!

Mackenzie Hahn, CEOE

LPSAOP President