Announcements March 26, 2018

Foundations Progressive Learning Center has started a Student Assistants program to have a large group of teens (ages 15 and up) who would like to spend any amount of their free time volunteering their ability to play during the summer as well as before/after school as their schedule allows. This is neither a pre-scheduled commitment nor will the students be asked to perform any operational work or direct-care tasks (as this work is specifically for employees). Students will be able to walk in and join a group of kids and play LEGOs, paint a picture, climb a structure, etc., even if just for half-an-hour.

Our employed teachers and staff would supervise all activity in the classroom to ensure safety, while student assistants would be merely extending their playful attention. Student Assistants would not be personally responsible for the children in our care. To acquaint these assistants to the industry and inspire their interest, we will extend attendance slots to any and all of our professional development courses and conferences to them so they can learn about the industry. Our CACFP approved meals would also be offered to them for free while they visit.

If this is something you feel like you would be interested in, please contact the Foundations Progressive Learning Center office. There is a prior-to-hire screening process that student assistants and their parents will have to consent to, but after it’s completed, they will start accepting student assistants into the program.

Foundations Progressive Learning Center
Office: 402-805-4886 / Fax: 402-805-4867
3100 N 14th St. Ste. 101
Lincoln, Nebraska 68521


In Honor of Lincoln Mayor Helen Boosalis
Application Deadline: July 1, 2018

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The Lincoln YMCA is hiring for summer. We have several jobs available (lifeguards, child care staff, sports officials and more).
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