Dual Credit at LNE



  1. Why should I consider SCC Dual Credit at LNE?
  • Why not? You’ll receive high school credit AND college credit for the course!
  • You’ll pay a fraction of the tuition cost when compared to four-year college/university tuition.
  1. But what if I don’t decide to go to SCC or NWU when I graduate? What happens to the credit?
  • These credits transfer to nearly every college or university in the country (except some rare Ivy League schools)!
  • If they don’t transfer to count towards your chosen Major, they will transfer in as Elective Credit towards the 125+ credit hours required for a Bachelor’s Degree or 64+ credit hours towards an Associate Degree.
  • You are encouraged to talk to the college or university you will be attending to learn how this college credit will transfer.
  • Check out the college(s) you are planning to attend to see how the Dual Credit will transfer. More information is available at the following websites: southeast.edu, www.nebrwesleyan.edu, and http://transfer.nebraska.edu/.
  1. How does this compare to AP credit options?
  • If you receive a C or better in the Dual Credit Class, you are guaranteed to receive the college credit. In AP Classes, you are required to take the AP Exam and score above a 4 (on a 1-5 scale) on most exams in order to receive college credit.
  1. How can I pay for dual credit?
  • You or your parents can pay by check, debit, or credit card. You may also set up a monthly payment plan.
  • Students on Free/Reduced lunch are eligible for the Learn to Dream Scholarship which covers all SCC Dual Credit Classes. Students who qualify for financial need are eligible for the Nebraska Ace Scholarship which covers SCC and NWU tuition.
  • Apply at: ccpe.state.ne.us/ace