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Each Lincoln Public School has a vibrant library media center where students and staff have access to a wide array of print and online resources.  In addition to checking out books and other materials, students are able to use the online digital content resources both at school and at home. In order to use the online digital content resources when not at school, students will need a password from their school librarians and/or use their individual student ID and password in Student Docushare.

What online digital content resources are available to LPS students?

The Digital Content Resources available to LPS students are described on the Digital Content Resources – School link in the upper right corner of this web page.  The link is a description of the resources only; this link will not open the resources when away from school.

How can students use the Digital Content Resources when not at school?

Click on the “select link” drop-down box for each library media center’s web site in the upper right corner of this web page. On the individual school library media center web site, click on the link “Home Access” in the left column. Students will then be asked for the appropriate password to use each resource.

Other Available Resources

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