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Our Vision:  Students at the Center of Learning!

The mission of the Lincoln Public Schools Library Media Services Department is to provide a facility and program to empower the 21st century learner with the ability to access and process information and ideas, and to support the educational goals of the school community.

The Library Media Services Department includes a professional library, audio and video services, technical and curriculum assistance, and professional development opportunities for all staff. The department provides online digital content resources to all LPS students and staff.  These online resources can be accessed from the Library Media Services web site and from each school’s library media center web site (drop down menu in upper right corner)

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Chris Haeffner, Director, 402-436-1627

Joy Harvey, Coordinator, 402-436-1842

Melody Kenney, Media Coach, 402-436-1832

Pam Cassel, Media Coach, 402-436-1839

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Library Media Services
Lincoln Public Schools
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