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Our Mission


Our school libraries empower learners to be curious, critical, and creative thinkers; enthusiastic readers; skillful researchers; and conscientious digital citizens.



We Value:

      • Students at the center of learning
      • Personalized learning driven by student interest and initiative
      • Powerful questioning and the inquiry process
      • Programs that facilitate critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration
      • Reading as essential to learning and personal growth
      • Qualified school librarians in every school
      • Equitable access to librarians, resources, and technologies
      • Inclusiveness, respect for diversity and multiple viewpoints
      • Intellectual freedom
      • Modeling and teaching digital citizenship and ethical behavior
      • Family and community partnerships
      • Reading for pleasure
      • Curiosity, innovation, and discovery

Our Vision Statement

Our library programs will be essential instructional partners in creating future ready global citizens. We will teach students to think critically, curate effectively, and create new and imaginative solutions.  Through excellent instruction, our libraries will empower students with information literacy skills that will prepare them to question productively, learn independently, and work collaboratively.  We will provide equitable access to quality resources and creative opportunities.

  • Our Goals:

    • Prepare students to be future ready global citizens
    • Model, promote, and foster inquiry
    • Teach students to be ethical and informed citizens
    • Provide and support excellent teaching and instruction
    • Create inspiring and versatile library spaces that best serve the learning community
    • Use data to create program initiatives and instructional practices that increase student achievement
    • Provide equitable access to quality resources in a variety of formats
    • Develop and support literacy at school and at home
    • Serve as leaders, program administrators, educators, collaborative partners, and information specialists
    • Inspire curiosity and wonder

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Chris Haeffner, Director
  •, 402-436-1627
Joy Harvey, Coordinator
  •, 402-436-1842
Pam Cassel, Library Instructional Leader
  •, 402-436-1839
Emily Jacobs, Library Instructional Leader
  •, 402-436-1830
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