Senior Photos

The Deadline to submit Senior Photos for the 2020 Yearbook is October 31, 2019.
Click here for Specifications and Instructions
Click here to Upload your photo.

-If you had your photo taken by a professional photographer, she/he should send us your photo. Typically they send us the images all at once on or near the deadline date.

-If you did not have your photo taken by a professional photographer, you are responsible for getting the photo to us by uploading it here.

-If you do not submit a photo for the yearbook, we will automatically use the LifeTouch photo (the one for your ID) that you had taken at the beginning of the year at NO COST.

-If you do not want us to use that photo, or if you do not want to be pictured in the yearbook, please contact us immediately at  to let us know.

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