Buy a Yearbook!

3 Easy Ways to Buy a Yearbook!

In Person, Online, or with a Payment Plan

Option 1: In Person:
Make a check, cash or credit card payment for $70 in the School Treasurer’s Office (Room 200R) any time during normal business hours before March 10th.

Option 2: Online
Purchase a Yearbook Online with a credit card any time.
(Click here to buy your Yearbook online.)

Option 3: Payment Plan:
You can purchase a book with our Payment Plan Option. Simply put down $10 now, and make 6 more payments of $10 by March 10th. Contact Kim Loth in the School Treasurer’s Office (Room 200R) for more information, or call her during the day: 436-1301 Ext. 61017.

Books will be sold for $70 until March 10, 2020 at which time we will order the number of books we have pre-sold. Although we sometimes get overruns from the printer, WE WILL NOT ORDER EXTRA BOOKS. To guarantee that you get one, you’ll need to purchase one in advance.

Don’t miss out!  GET YOURS TODAY!!

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