FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

* When/Where can I buy a yearbook?
After Locker Check Out yearbooks are on sale in the School Treasurer’s Office (Room 200R) anytime during normal business hours.
Books will be sold for $70 until March 5, 2012 at which time we will order the number of books we have pre-sold. Although we sometimes get overruns from the printer, WE WILL NOT ORDER EXTRA BOOKS. To guarantee that you get one, you’ll need to purchase one in advance.

* Did I buy a yearbook?
(Click here SOON to see a list – by student number – of who has purchased a book.) This list will be updated periodically.

* What are the Senior Photo Specifications
(Click here for more information.)

* Who are the suggested photographers?
(Click here for more information.)

* Do I have to use a photographer from this list?
No, but they will have the correct specifications. If someone else is taking your picture, and they are not on the suggested list, be sure to click here for a copy of the specifications to give them. We may not accept photos that don’t follow the specifications.

You may also use your LifeTouch photo as your Senior Picture. These are the photos taken at the beginning of the year during Locker Check Out and on the Retake Day. This is different than your ID Photo. Be sure you have your photo taken by the LifeTouch people on the stage in the auditorium. We will use this photo as your Senior Picture unless you provide us with a different one.

* What’s the Deadline for submitting a senior photo?
The Deadline for submitting a senior photo is Friday, October 28th. That’s the last Friday of October.

* How should I submit my Senior Photo?
Please Upload your Senior Photo here:

* Did the Yearbook Staff receive my Senior Picture?
The final list will also be posted in various locations around the school after the Nov. 3rd deadline. If you don’t see your name on the list, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY! Email us at: gkeller@lps.org, or call the school at 436-1301 and ask to speak to Mr. Keller.

* When are you selling Senior T-Shirts?
Senior T-Shirt sales will be announced at a later date. Keep checking back, and listen for the announcements.

* When/Where can I buy a Baby Ad for my Senior?
Baby ads can be purchased by
sending the following items to the Yearbook Staff:
1. A photo of the student as a baby/child
2. A photo of the student as a senior (can be a senior portrait, but it doesn’t have to be)
3. A message of approximately 50 words
4. A check for $45
The Deadline for Baby Ads is: December 16, 2011.

* Where can I get information about advertising?

(Click here for price and formatting information.)