Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019

Please make sure you do ALL of the following things before you leave today:

  1. EXPORT a PDF of your Deadline 1 Spread to the Deadline1Pdfs_12_17_19 folder in the 2020_Pdfs folder on the Yearbook Server.
    Be sure it is named this way:
    Page#_Spread Name_Your Name Example: 006_007_SummerStories_Naomi_Rodriguez 
  2. ADD an Outline and Copy Template Doc for EACH of your future spreads in the appropriate Deadline Folder. Look on the ladder to find the spreads assigned to you and the page numbers.

  3. NAME  the Outline and Copy Doc in the correct style:
    Page#_Spread Name_Your Name
    Example: 008_009_LinkCrew_Tyler_Wilson 
  4. GO to the LADDER and MAKE A LINK to your Copy Doc from your spread on the Ladder.

Final Exam Period: 
Our final exam period is TOMORROW from 8:45 – 10:15.
We will use this time to finalize AND SUBMIT all Deadline 1 Spreads.
You must make all necessary changes and edits by the end of the period.