Thursday, Sept. 12, 2020

Good morning.

Today I’d like you to look at the LADDER to see what spread you need start working on for Deadline 1. Use the templates in Google Classroom (Start with the Spread Information Sheet) to begin gathering information.

Use the documents in the Student Staff Info 2020 folder to look for names, contact info, and schedules. If you need to find a student’s schedule, come see me, and I can look it up.

Here are some examples of questions to ask sources. 

Log in to Walsworth to get to your spread in Online Design. We will be updating those pages for you today.

Cammie will also be conferencing with you individually about your spreads.

Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019

TODAY/RIGHT NOW/AS SOON AS YOU LOG IN, please copy the folder of photos you took last week into the folder titled: YRBK_FirstPhotos_Sept.2020 in the Class Read/Write folder on the server.

We will look through your photos together to see what images we might want to use.

We will also look at what worked well and what didn’t so that the next time you go out to shoot, you’ll have a better idea of what to do and what not to do.

We will also look at the ladder to see what Deadline 1 Spreads are assigned to you. We will also look at some forms to fill out once you’re assigned a spread. And we’ll look at the steps for the entire process of doing a spread.

Monday, Sept. 9, 2019

Good morning.

I’d like to start looking at the photos that you took last week. Please do the following:

  1. Create a New Folder on your Desktop
  2. Name it: YRBKFirstPhotos_Date_Name – use the date that you took the photos and your actual first name.
  3. Open the Photos app.
  4. Select All of the photos and Drag them into the new folder on your desktop
  5. Open Adobe Bridge from your Applications Folder
  6. Drag the folder from your Desktop into the Bridge icon in your Dock.
  7. When you see the thumbnails of your images, go to Edit and choose Select All
  8. Go to the Tools menu and select Batch Rename
  9. In the selected field type the name of the folder as you did before, but add an underscore at the end: YRBKFirstPhotos_Date_Name_
  10. It should look like this: 
  11. Be sure there are no spaces, periods, or dashes in the file name or it won’t name it correctly.
  12. Look at the bottom where it says New Filename to be sure it ends in .jpg. 
  13. Connect to the Server: From your Desktop select Go – Connect to Server from the menu at the top of your window.
  14. Enter: smb://
  15. You should see a folder called: Class HandIn.
  16. Drag the folder from your desktop into the Handin Folder