Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Good morning!

This Week: 

Tuesday: PLC Day – short schedule – Today we’re going to use Online Design to re-create a layout from last year’s book. You will create a Custom Template under the Planbook Tab, and use the tools to insert photos, make text boxes, headlines, and captions. Be sure to name the Template: Name_PracticePage. You will also insert images so that your page looks just like the example below. Use the tutorials on the Walsworth site.
Using Online Design (watch videos and more)

Click on this link for the Designing a Page tutorial.

Continue making the Practice page you started yesterday.

Practice Page Instructions:
Log in to the Walsworth Site
Click on this year’s book.
Click Online Design.
Click on PLANBOOK, then CUSTOM TEMPLATES then NEW to create a template.
Name the page Name_PracticePage
Use the tools in Online Design to re-create this page.
Be sure to include all text elements as well as photos and captions and graphics.

In Online Design: 

  1. Create text boxes to insert stories, headlines, and captions. – You can copy and paste the text and captions from here.
  2. Create shapes to put photos in.
  3. Insert photos into frames. – Go to the Photo Tray to choose photos.
  4. Resize them so that they fit in the frames.
  5. Color the text to match the example.



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