Monday, Sept. 10, 2018

Today you should be working on exporting your photos into a Gallery using Photo Mechanic.

Here is a link to a tutorial video that shows you the settings you need to enter and where to export your gallery. 

For your First Photos assignment, I’d like you to include ALL of your photos in the gallery. For future assignments, you’ll just choose 10 photos. This time, I’d like to see everything that you took.

Once you get your gallery exported and you’ve made your link, tell me, so I can upload your files to the server. Then you’ll be able to see them online from our website.

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018

Good afternoon!

I am out of the building today.

Today we’re going to look at how to write captions for photos. We mentioned the other day that journalistic photos tell a story and that the captions help give the reader more information than they can get just from looking at the photo. They are very important, especially in the school newspaper and yearbook.

Captions in journalism follow a specific formula. Today you’re going to learn what that looks like and practice writing captions yourself using some photos provided on the form.

Please click on this link, and follow the instructions. . The sub will go over the instructions with you before you begin. PLEASE read the directions carefully before starting. This will be graded, so do your best.

When you finish, be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. Click it at the end of the period, even if you are not finished with all of the captions. The form won’t save your answers unless you do.

Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018


Today you will go out to take your First Photos. Remember that I’m looking for pictures of PEOPLE as much as possible. You should come back with a MINIMUM of 40 USABLE photos. Your partner will help you take notes for captions. You MUST identify all people by FIRST AND LAST NAME, AND GRADE in captions. You will also say what the people are doing, so be sure to take good notes. On Monday, you will switch roles with your partner.

Yesterday we went over camera basics. Please remember these things:

1. ALWAYS have the camera strap around your wist AND ALWAYS carry the camera in your hand. Please do not let it swing by the strap.
2. Check to make sure your BATTERIES are fresh – take a photo before you leave. If the batteries are dying, the low battery icon will flash.
3. Check the LENS to be sure it’s clean. Wipe it with a soft lens cloth. DO NOT use your clothing to clean the lens. It may scratch it.
4. Check the SETTINGS on your camera. Be sure the ISO is on Auto in the P and TV settings, and if you use the TV setting, be sure your SHUTTER SPEED is set correctly, and use the FLASH if you need to.
5. Take your Photojournalism ID and WEAR IT at ALL TIMES when you are out taking photos.
6. PLEASE be on your BEST BEHAVIOR when out on assignment. Your mission is to be as invisible as possible. You are Photo Ninjas. If you have any problems, please contact me immediately. Remember that you should have NO FOOD OR DRINKS with you (or your partner) while you are out taking photos. You should also not be using your cell phone or mp3 player. You are on the job when you are outside of the classroom. Your actions reflect on all of the other Photojournalism students.
7. Be sure to take photos of the DOOR SIGNS outside of the classrooms before you enter so you know where you were and whose class it was.
8. Take photos of the board for notes, textbooks, worksheets, and student IDs to help you write good captions.
9. Take MULTIPLE photos of each shot – from different angles, holding the camera vertically vs. horizontally, with and without flash, etc. Move around the room to get different perspectives.
10. Return at least 10 minutes before class ends so you have time to download your photos.
11. After downloading your photos, return the camera directly to me. Put it in my hands. Do not leave it on my desk, your desk, the table, or anywhere else. Watch me initial the book to indicate that you have returned the camera.

Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018

Good afternoon.

Today we’re going to look on the internet for photos that you think are good examples of Photojournalism. We talked a little bit yesterday about the difference between art photography and photojournalism. We said that photo-journalistic images tell a story as opposed to just being aesthetically pleasing (pretty). That’s what you should be looking for.

Assignment: Find at least 20 examples of good photojournalism. You can do this a few different ways:
1. Do an image search for the term “photojournalism.”
2. Search for specific topic or event.
3. Find online newspapers and magazines, and look at their photos.

Step 1:
Make a New Folder on your Desktop (go to File and select New Folder), and title it: WebPhotos.Name (include your actual name).

Step 2: (Be sure you have clicked on the Largest image possible. Do NOT save thumbnail images, because it will be too small. Click on it to see the Full Sized Image. )
Save the images – Right click on your mouse or hold down the Control Button on your keyboard and click on the image (then select Save Image As from the menu and navigate to the folder on your Desktop. Click on the arrow next to the file name to expand the window.

This will allow you to navigate to the folder on your desktop.)

You can also dragthe image from the web page directly into your folder.

Step 3: There is a Google Slide Presentation that has been created for you in Google Classroom. Use this to place your photos AND the caption information for that photo (if any).

Copy and Paste any information you can find out about the photo onto the slide in the text box below the photo that you place.

Include the following:

  • 1. caption information (who/what it is a photo of, where/when it was taken, etc.)
  • 2. the photographer’s name (if given)
  • 3. the url (web address) that the photo came from
  • 4. a description of why you think it’s a good photo

Continue this process until you have 20 photos. We will share these tomorrow and discuss what makes the photos good examples of photojournalism.

Monday, Aug. 20, 2018

Good afternoon! Today we’re going to go over the Course Outline and discuss the Equipment Responsibility Agreement.

I also want to let you know that you can click on this link to sign up for Sports Photos. This is the list of all Fall Sports including the location, date, and time. There is a place for you under the Photojournalism column to add your name, if you can take photos. Each of you must sign up for at least one game. It can be Girls or Boys, Varsity, JV, Freshman, or Reserve. It can be home or away. You can certainly sign up for more than one.

When covering a game, you will: 
1. check out a camera after class,
2. go to the game (you must be there for the entire game),
3. take at least 1,000 amazing action photos (we’ll talk more about this soon),
4. and return the camera to the Main Office the following day BEFORE 2nd Period. (You will also get a Press Pass which will get you into the game for free (more about that today), which you also need to return with the camera the following day.)


Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018

Good morning! Welcome to Mr. Keller’s Photojournalism class.

This blog page will have all the information you need for this class. I will try to keep it as updated as possible so you always know what to expect. It will include notes, assignments, important dates, and announcements.

We will generally start every day by looking at the day’s post. Please Bookmark this site in your browser, and check here if you are absent to find out about information or assignments that you may have missed.

For the next couple of days we’re going to spend some time getting to know each other. I’m going to ask you to fill out some forms online and share some information about yourself. Please answer the questions honestly, and completely, and with as much detail as possible. The information won’t be shared with anyone else. It’s just a way for me to get to know some things about you that will help me to be a better teacher for you.  I will also be sharing some information about myself.

We’re also going to be discussing the course and what you can expect this semester. I will post new information, assignments, etc., on this blog regularly. If you are absent, check to see what you missed. All assignments will also be posted here, so you can always check to see what you should be working on and what’s coming up.

After we look at Classroom Expectations, I’d like you to click on the links below (in the order that they appear) and follow the instructions for each form.

1. The first one is the True Colors Personality Assessment. I’ll go over the directions with you before you begin.
True Colors

2. The second is the Myers-Briggs Personality Sorter. It’s 65, Yes-No questions about yourself. The main thing to remember when taking these assessments is that there are no right or wrong answers and no scores that are better or worse than others. They’re designed to find patterns in your answers that are similar to answers other people gave. Then it suggests some traits that might be true for you.

Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator

After you click on the Score It button at the bottom, it will show your results with a four-letter score and percentages below. It will look something like this.

Select that score and the numbers, and COPY it.




Click here to submit your score and comment on the results by PASTING your results in the correct field. 

Click here to read more information about the Myers-Briggs. We will go over this in more detail together in class, but you can look here to see an explanation of what your score means.

3. Next is the Student Profile form. It’s basic information about you. Some of this is on Synergy, but it helps me to have it all in one place. You can see instructions for this in Google Classroom.

To join the classes, use this code: i5ad92r

4. Last is the Personal Histories Questions. These are questions about you (likes, dislikes, etc.) that will tell me some things about you that I might not know through the course of the semester. This is a great place to tell me things that you think I should know about you. Again, it won’t be shared with anyone, so please be honest.
These questions are also in Google Classroom

When we get done with those, we’ll talk more specifically about the course and what to expect. If you have questions before we get to that point, feel free to let me know.

You can also subscribe to this page, so that whenever I post something new, you’ll get an email message. Click in the box to the right marked: Follow Blog via Email

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

And remember that you can always send me an email at if you have questions or concerns.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Good morning.

Today you should be working on your Photo Essay and/or your Portfolio. I’ll be around to help and answer questions. Let me know if you need anything.

An issue has come up with Photo Mechanic. Your photos for the Portfolio all need to be in one folder so you can make a gallery of them, but Photo Mechanic won’t let you copy the photos from one folder to your Portfolio images within the program. The solution is to select the photo you want, go to File and choose “Copy Photos,” but save them to your Desktop. Then you can manually move them to your Portfolio Images folder in your Photos Master folder. Make your Gallery from that folder. Let me know if you need help doing that, and help each other if I’m not immediately available.

Remember that for the Final Exam on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. we’ll have a test on caption writing (your favorite thing), and then we’ll present portfolios. Each of you will come to my desk, and we’ll project your 10 best photos for everyone to see. I’d like you to show us each photo, and talk about a couple of them (maybe your two favorites). Just say why you think they are your best work or if there’s an interesting story about how you took the photo. You get 50 points for presenting your portfolio.

Grades are updated on Synergy not including the News Package. Let me know if you have questions. I’ll be conferencing with you individually today about the News Packages. Some of you weren’t finished when we exported them. If you know you have changes/additions to make, you can resubmit that by Monday. I’m going to try to conference with you individually today about them.

Exporting your News Package

Good morning.

Let’s see if we can get the News Packages completed today. When you are finished, Export the final video to your Photos Master folder on the server by clicking on the share icon in the top right corner. 







Then choose to export it as a File.






Title it: NAME_Newspackage.mp4.

This will take a bit of time. Be sure you don’t close out of iMovie until the video is finished exporting.

You will see a progress circle in the upper right corner showing you how much is left to process.



A message will pop up letting you know when it’s done.







After you finish uploading your video, be sure to turn in your Storyboard.

In Google Classroom, you will find an Evaluation form. Please fill that out as well. Watch your video and give yourself points for the various elements.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Good morning!

We should begin shooting footage for the News Package today and Monday. You can do your standup last if you need to along with your Reporter’s Track (the audio that will go over the clips that don’t have people speaking).

I’ll be looking at your Storyboards today so we can develop a plan for shooting.

Be sure you have your Sound Bites done by Tuesday of next week if possible, so we can start putting things together on Wednesday.

Go through the Checklist at the bottom of your Storyboard to make sure you have all of the kinds of shots you need:
___ Establishing Shot – Visuals during the voiceover that show where the story takes place.
___ Close Up – Focus on something in detail.
___ Wide Shot – Show the person or subject in their surroundings.
___ Interesting Angle – Shoot from a different perspective (low, high, angled).
___ B-Roll – Video clips that show background to the story.
___ Stand Ups – The reporter is talking to the camera, maybe showing or demonstrating something.

___ Audio –
___ Reporter Track
___ Nat Sounds
___ Sound Bites

Titles: *These weren’t listed on the Storyboard
___ Subtitles identifying anyone who is recorded – If you selected a Theme, there are some options at the top of the Titles menu that will include the graphics that go with that theme. Or you can click on the Titles tab and select something like Standard Lower Third which will add the title to the bottom left of the screen. Be sure to identify people by name and grade/job title.

Here are remaining deadline dates for this project: 
Wednesday 5/2: Finish shooting any Sound Bites or B-Roll, etc. Fill out Checklist on Storyboard.
Thursday 5/3: All footage shot (including Standup). Import clips and add to Timeline. Edit.
Friday 5/4: Record and lay down the Reporter’s Track.
Monday 5/7: Work on Final Edits – Transitions, Titles, Themes, etc. Export to Server Folder
Tuesday 5/8: Film Festival – We’ll present your News Packages to the class and give feedback.