Thursday, February 13, 2020

Good afternoon.

You should be finishing up your Cropping and Composition photos today.
These are due tomorrow at the end of the period.

We will also talk about our next assignment, the Student Portrait. We’ll plan to take photos on Monday.

Also, please use this form to submit photos that you have taken to be considered for use on the Advocate Online in our Photo of the Week feature. These can be photos from class assignments or ones from sporting events.

You may submit more than one photo, but please submit them separately. If we get a lot of submissions, we may change it to Photo of the Day. Thanks!

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020

Today we’re going to look on the internet for photos that you think are good examples of Photojournalism. The difference between art photography and photojournalism is that photo-journalistic images tell a story as opposed to just being aesthetically pleasing (pretty). That’s what you should be looking for. These should be photos that you might see in a news story or news magazine rather than photos of flowers or sunsets or animals.

Assignment: Find at least 10 examples of good photojournalism. You can do this a few different ways:
1. Do an image search for the term “photojournalism.”
2. Search for specific topic or event.
3. Find online newspapers and magazines, and look at their photos.

Step 1:
Make a New Folder on your Desktop (go to File and select New Folder), and title it: WebPhotos.Name (include your actual name).

Step 2: (Be sure you have clicked on the Largest image possible. Do NOT save thumbnail images, because it will be too small. You may have to click on the “Visit” button to get to the actual page where the image appears. Click on it to see the Full Sized Image.
Save the image – Right click on your mouse or hold down the Control Button on your keyboard and click on the image (then select Save Image As from the menu and navigate to the folder on your Desktop. Click on the arrow next to the file name to expand the window.

This will allow you to navigate to the folder on your desktop.)

You can also drag the image from the web page directly into your folder.

Step 3: There is a Google Slide Presentation that has been created for you in Google Classroom titled: Photojournalism Examples 2020.2. Use this to place your photos AND the caption information for that photo (if any).

Copy and Paste any information you can find out about the photo onto the slide in the text box below the photo that you place.

Include the following:

  • 1. caption information (who/what it is a photo of, where/when it was taken, etc.)
  • 2. the photographer’s name (if given)
  • 3. the URL (web address) that the photo came from
  • 4. a description of why you think it’s a good photo

Continue this process until you have 10 photos. We will share these on Monday and discuss what makes the photos good examples of photojournalism.

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020

Good morning!

Today we’re going to learn some of the basics of photography and how to set the camera to take good photos.

As we watch these videos, please take notes. you can do this in Classroom (I have a Google Doc there that you can use), or you can take notes by paper and pen.

There will be a quiz over this information TOMORROW. 

How to Use a DSLR Camera: Learn DSLR Camera Basics Shutter Aperture ISO

We will plan to begin taking photos on Thursday. You will go out with a partner to take photos around the school. We’ll talk about the specifics of the assignment tomorrow after the quiz.

Friday, Jan. 10, 2020

Today we will be introducing our partners. Take a minute to discuss with your partner and make sure they are okay with the couple of things you will share with the class about them.

You and your partner will stand up and take turns introducing each other to the class. Start by saying their name (pronounced correctly – please check to be sure), and then tell us three or four things you learned about them that you found interesting.

We may ask you or your partner for more information as a follow-up if we have more questions. You should all take notes during the presentation. We will have a short quiz on Monday. You will need to identify each person in class, know their name (spelled correctly) and at least one interesting thing you learned about them.

You will also have the opportunity to interview me as a group, so be thinking about questions you’d like me to answer.

After we finish, if we have time, we will go over the Equipment Responsibility Agreement.


Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019

Good morning!

Today we’re going to discuss Classroom Expectations. I know you’re excited about this.

Most of my rules and expectations are probably similar to other teachers’, but some are particular to this class. We’ll go over them today, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask or email me later.

I’m also going to be giving you a form today that I need you to sign and have your parent/guardian sign and return by Tuesday.

Remember that the new tardy policy begins TOMORROW.