Student Portrait

Student Portrait

– Submit a posed portrait photo of a Photojournalism classmate. The image should be along the lines of what senior portraits look like (NOT a mug shot). You should have 5-10 photos on the page. The photo can be taken indoors or outside (weather permitting – don’t shoot in the rain or snow.)

You MUST take a MINIMUM of 75 usable photos for this assignment.

You will be paired with a classmate. The following day, she or he will then take a photo of you for this assignment.

Taking Photos:
-The subject should be posed naturally with appropriate lighting and composition.
Indoor and Outdoor Photos (weather permitting)
-With and without flash (Even if you shoot outside, you might use the flash to fill in shadows.)
Horizontal and Vertical Photos (This can make a huge difference in your photo.)
-Subject looking at, and away from, the camera.
-Subject smiling and not smiling.
Change YOUR location to change the perspective/angle of the photo.
-Be sure that your subject has taken their lanyard and ID OFF.
-If you want to pose with something that has meaning for you (a musical instrument, a favorite piece of clothing, a sports item, etc.) bring it with you on the day your partner is taking pictures of you.

CAPTION:The caption for this assignment should be in this format:

Name and grade of the student, what they’re doing -in the simple present tense- (poses for a portrait photo) where (specifically) they’re posing, whose class it was for, and when the photo was taken. The second sentence should be some additional, interesting information about the person.

You need a different fact for each caption.Do NOT just give her/him a piece of paper and ask them to write down 10 things. Talk to them. Ask them about hobbies, interests, favorites, backgrounds, experiences, jobs, family, etc.

The parts in red below will be the same for each caption. You just need to change the person’s name, the location information, and the second sentence.

Example: Tim Jones (12) poses for a portrait photo outside in the front of the building for Greg Keller’s 3rd period Photojournalism class. Jones is the captain of the Speech and Debate team at LHS.

The Caption is worth 40 points out of the total 100 points for the assignment. It will be graded as an all-or-nothing grade. If it is written in the correct style with all of the correct information in the correct form and everything is spelled correctly, you will receive all 40 points. If any of the information is missing, or if it is written in the incorrect style, you will receive 0 points. That means the best grade you could receive on the assignment, assuming everything else is perfect, would be a 60% which is a D.

Captions are extremely important! Write them carefully!

If you have questions, ask Mr. Keller BEFORE you submit the assignment.

For more detailed instructions for writing captions go to: l

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