Portfolio – Final


– Your Portfolio should be a collection of your 10 BEST photos from the semester in a single gallery (just like our previous assignments).

You CAN use photos you’ve turned in for assignments, but you may also use photos that haven’t already been submitted.

Make a new folder in your Original Images folder and call it P2_Name_Portfolio
Select your photos from the individual assignment folders and Copy them to a Portfolio folder (in Photo Mechanic, select the photos and drag them to your Portfolio folder in your Original Images folder). That way, all of your images will be in one folder so you can export them to a single Gallery.

Your portfolio should consist of your best examples of good Photojournalism. You should not include photos of objects. They should be photos that could be used in the Newspaper or Yearbook. I’d like you to include at least one photo from each assignment (except the Combined Cut Out Background photo).

All photos should include complete 2 sentence captions with all of correct information in the correct style. (See below)

You MUST also include a 3rd sentence with additional information about the way the photo was taken/created and why you think it’s a good photo (discuss composition, lighting, newsworthiness, etc.). You may use more than one sentence to explain this.

I’m looking for examples of Good Photojournalism, so your photos should be ones that could be used in the Newspaper or Yearbook (i.e. not photos of flowers, trash cans, etc.).

Again, be sure they are your BEST photos.

Points Possible
  Grading Criteria:
 20 Photos: 10 photos on page. Variety of photos. No more than 1 special effect, only one of each portrait, etc. Photos showing up, not broken links.
 10 Focus: Image is Clear, Sharp, and Not Blurry.
 30 Caption/Cutline: (All or nothing.) Written in Correct Style/Tense. All 5Ws Included in first sentence. People identified correctly. Two sentence caption PLUS a third sentence explaining what is good about the photo. 
 10 Correctness of Exposure: Balance Exposure. Light, Dark, Mid-tones all present. Good Contrast. Not Grainy. Not too light or too dark.
 20 Composition: Subject Not Centered. Rule of Thirds used. Interesting Perspective – preferably not looking down from eye level of the photographer.
 10 Newsworthy: Is the photo Journalistically Usable?



CAPTIONS: The captions must be written in the Simple Present Tense, (runs, studies, eats, fixes, etc.) and they should include all of the Who, What, Where and When information. The person/people should be identified by their first and last name, and by grade if it’s a student (by grade number in parentheses after their name), or job title (before the person’s name) if it’s a staff person. Example: Mary Johnson (12) or Math Teacher John Heineman. Be sure to include a space in between the student’s name and grade, and be sure not to use a comma in between the staff person’s title and first name.

The captions must also contain a second sentence written in the Past Tense telling something else about what’s happening in the photo or some other information about the person or event photographed.

For this assignment you must also have a 3rd sentence saying why you think the photo is one of your best. Tell what is good about it photographically.

Captions must be spell checked, and all of the names of people MUST be spelled correctly. Captions with misspelled names will result in an automatic 0 for the assignment.

Captions are extremely important! Write them carefully!

If you have questions, ask Mr. Keller BEFORE you submit the assignment.

For more detailed instructions for writing captions go to: lhttp://lhs.lps.org/staff/gkeller/Pages/writingcaptions.html.

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