Photo Illustration

Photo Illustration

– Given a specific topic, the student must illustrate it either by physically setting up a photo or by digital manipulation.

A Photo Illustration should communicate a specific idea to the viewer without a caption.

You may include words in the image itself, but the viewer should be able to know exactly the point you’re trying to make without any further explanation.

Think of it as an Editorial Cartoon, or an illustration accompanying an article in a newspaper or magazine.

Do NOT include a caption for this assignment. Other students will look at your photoillustration and try to figure out what your point was.

Part of your grade will be whether or not people were able to get what you were trying to say with your photoillustration.

Before you place their  Photoillustrations on their Dreamweaver pages, you need to flatten the image in Photoshop. To do  this, you need to go to the Layer menu  and choose Flatten Image at the bottom.

You must then say Save As and change the Format in the Save As window from Photoshop to JPEG. You have to change the Format to JPEG, you can’t just add .jpg to the end of the file name. If you don’t follow these steps, your image won’t show up on the website.

Points Possible
  Grading Criteria:
 40 Subject: The point the person is trying to make is clear.
Tell below what you think the point of the photoillustration is.
What is the person trying to say with this image?
 10 Focus: Image is Clear, Sharp, and Not Blurry.
 10 Caption/Cutline: Description of techniques used.
 10 Correctness of Exposure: Balance Exposure. Light, Dark, Mid-tones all present. Good Contrast. Not Grainy. Not too light or too dark.
 20 Composition: Subject is framed appropriately and not cut off.
 10 Newsworthy: Is the photo Journalistically Usable? Could it appear in the Newspaper?



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