Photo Essay

Photo Essay

– Create a photo essay (a collection of at least 5 photos) that tells a coherent story about a single person/event/issue/concept, etc.

The Photo Essay will include captions for all photos and a story of approximately 500 words.

It will be laid out using Adobe InDesign and printed for display. It will also be converted to a .pdf file which will be downloadable from the website.

You may choose the topic of your Photo Essay, but it should be related to Lincoln High in some way.

You should take a variety of photos over a period of time showing various aspects of your topic.

Although this assignment isn’t due until the end of the semester, you should be working on it all during the semester.

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin this assignment. It takes quite a bit of time to do well.

You will get more specific instructions on this assignment later in the semester.

You should make a link from your index page directly to the .pdf version of the Photo Essay.

Your Photo Essay will be graded on the following criteria:

Photo Essay
100 pts.

10pts. – At least 5 photos on the page:
30pts. – Variety of Photos that tell the story visually:
20pts. – Quality of Photos (focus, exposure, composition – Rule of Thirds):
20pts. – Captions (correct styles and complete information):
10pts. – Story (Complete information about the event/topic ~200 words):
10pts. – Converted to PDF and Linked Correctly:

100 Pts. Total

Photo Essay Instructions

Choose a layout from the Designer Series Layout pallete in the WPC Control Panel in InDesign. Save it onto your Desktop in a Folder named P4Photoessay.Name. Call the file: P4PhotoEssay.Name.indd.

You don’t have to resize or crop your images for this assignment. You can place raw images onto the page.

PLACING images on your InDesign Photo Essay page:
1. Click on an image box with the Black Arrow tool.
2. Go to File and select Place.
3. Navigate to the folder where the image you want to place is located. Click on the image and select Choose. Your image will be placed inside the image box on the page. It will be larger than the image box, so you will need to resize it to fit in the box.

To RESIZE the photo you can either:
1. Go to ObjectFittingFit Content Proportionally. Be sure to select this option or the photo will stretch out of proportion.
2. Click on it with the White Arrow HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEYtool and drag the corners of the box to fit the photo in the box. Once it’s placed, you can move the image inside the box with the White Arrow Tool.

If you decide that you don’t want the photo there, simply click on it with White Arrow key and hit the Delete key. You can then place another photo there.

If you want to place the photo in a different box, click on it with the White Arrow key, go to Edit and select Cut. Then with the Black Arrow tool click on the image box you want to place the image into and select Paste Into from the Edit menu.

Use the Text Tool to type your capitons and the story (body copy). You can move the image boxes and the text boxes by using the Black Arrow Tool.

Exporting your Photo Essay as a pdf file.

When you are all finished with your photo essay (be sure you have saved it, and spell checked it – Edit – Spelling – Check Spelling) go to the File menu and select Export. Be sure that the Format option is set to Adobe PDF format.

Indicate where you want the pdf to be saved (save it in your Website Images folder as P4Photoessay.Name.pdf) and when the next window comes up select Export. A pdf version of your Photo Essay will now be in your Website Images folder.

Make the link from your index page directly to this pdf file.

CAPTIONS: The captions must be written in the Simple Present Tense, (runs, studies, eats, fixes, etc.) and they should include all of the Who, What, Where and When information. The person/people should be identified by their first and last name, and by grade if it’s a student (by grade number in parentheses after their name), or job title (before the person’s name) if it’s a staff person. Example: Mary Johnson (12) or Math Teacher John Heineman. Be sure to include a space in between the student’s name and grade, and be sure not to use a comma in between the staff person’s title and first name.

The captions must also contain a second sentence written in the Past Tense telling something else about what’s happening in the photo or some other information about the person or event photographed.

Captions are extremely important! Write them carefully!

If you have questions, ask Mr. Keller BEFORE you submit the assignment.

For more detailed instructions for writing captions go to: l

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