Person at Work

Person at Work

– Take photos of employees (not students) in or around the school building actively doing their jobs. You will post 10 photos of at least 3-5 different people with detailed and specific captions on your gallery. Take AT LEAST 40-50 photos. Multiple photos of each pose, change your position and perspective, with and without flash, etc. Be sure to take a photo of the sign outside the room with the class and teacher’s name on it. Get specific information for captions – what the lesson is, what the assignment is, etc.

The person’s specific job must be identifiable by looking at the photo and they should NOT be posed. Avoid people working at computers. There is no way to tell what their job is. Look for teachers teaching, custodians cleaning, kitchen staff cooking, etc. Avoid photos of the construction workers. They have asked us not to take photos of them.

They should also NOT be looking at the camera. You should capture them doing their job.

Points Possible
  Grading Criteria:
 20 Subject: The person is a Lincoln High employee (not a student) actively doing her/his job. They are NOT looking at the camera or posing. You can tell what the person’s job is.
 5 Focus: Image is Clear, Sharp, and Not Blurry.
 40 Caption/Cutline: (All or nothing.) Person identified by first and last name and job title. The caption tells SPECIFICALLY what they are doing, where they are, and when the photo was taken. Second sentence tells something interesting AND RELEVANT about the person.
 5 Correctness of Exposure: Balance Exposure. Light, Dark, Mid-tones all present. Good Contrast. Not Grainy. Not too light or too dark.
 20 Composition: Subject is framed appropriately and not cut off.
 10 Newsworthy: Is the photo Journalistically Usable?



CAPTION: The caption must be written in the Simple Present Tense, (runs, studies, eats, fixes, etc.) and it should include all of the Who, What, Where and When information – the specific name of the class, the period that it meets, and SPECIFICALLY what they are doing. Remember that we never use -ing verbs in the first sentence – simple present tense verbs only (reviews, demonstrates, discusses, etc.) The person/people should be identified by their specific job title and first and last name with no comma between. Their job title for teachers should be the general name of the department that they teach in, NOT the specific name of the class.

English teacher Sally Hunt reviews vocabulary for the novel, “The Joy Luck Club” with her 8th period American Lit class. The students will have a test the following day over the vocabulary.

The caption must also contain a second sentence written in the Past Tense telling something else about what’s happening in the photo or some other information about the person or event photographed.

Captions must be spell checked, and all of the names of people MUST be spelled correctly. Captions with misspelled names will result in an automatic 0 for the assignment.

The Caption is worth 40 points out of the total 100 points for the assignment. It will be graded as an all-or-nothing grade. If it is written in the correct style with all of the correct information in the correct form and everything is spelled correctly, you will receive all 40 points. If any of the information is missing, or if it is written in the incorrect style, you will receive 0 points. That means the best grade you could receive on the assignment, assuming everything else is perfect, would be a 60% which is a D.

Captions are extremely important! Write them carefully!

If you have questions, ask Mr. Keller BEFORE you submit the assignment.

For more detailed instructions for writing captions go to: l

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