Opinion Feature

Opinion Feature

– Using the video setting on your camera, take a short video of 5 different people answering a question. One of the people needs to be a staff member. Try to get a variety of people to respond – males, females, all grades, various races and opinions.

The question will be decided by the class. Record the person saying their name and grade, record yourself asking the question, and record their entire response to the question. Also take a still photo of the person to put on the page with their quote. We will with a transcription of their response. Also include the person ‘s name and grade with the response.

Hold the camera horizontally, DO NOT turn it vertically or the video will be sideways. You will also need to take a still photo of the person to place on the page.

Points Possible
  Grading Criteria:
 10 Subject: The person is looking at the camera. Five people interviewed on page.
 10 Focus: Image is Clear, Sharp, and Not Blurry.
 40 Caption/Cutline: (All or nothing.) Person identified by first and last name and grade (or job title). Their response is in quotation marks and everything is spelled correctly.
 10 Correctness of Exposure: Balance Exposure. Light, Dark, Mid-tones all present. Good Contrast. Not Grainy. Not too light or too dark.
 20 Composition: Subject is framed appropriately and not cut off.
 10 Newsworthy: Is the photo Journalistically Usable?



CAPTION: The caption for this assignment will just be a transcription of the person’s response. Type the caption in the Caption field in Photo Mechanic for both the videos and the photos.

The caption should be in this order:

1. Type the Question that you asked at the top

2. Then type the person’s name, grade (in parentheses) or job title for staff.

3. Then, in quotation marks, type exactly WORD FOR WORD what they said. (You do not need to include “uhs,” and “ums” or “ya nkows,” or “likes” in the caption. Also do not include profanity or inappropriate remarks.)

Include the captions for both questions all in the same space.

It should look something like this:



******After you are finished captioning all of your photos and videos, please drag the folder (from your original photos folder on your Desktop) with all of the videos and photos to the Opinion Feature Folder on the Photojournalism server.

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