News Packages

The News Package: Using Video to Tell Stories

Teams of 2:
1. Camera Operator
2. On-Screen Reporter
3. Video Editor – (Both work to put the piece together)

Work together to come up with a topic of interest.
Sources: List people to interview.
Locations: Places to shoot. B-Roll
Script: Basics of the story (5Ws).
Storyboarding: Planning each shot and the sequence
Editing: Sequence the shots in iMovie

Film segments:
Establishing Shot – Visuals during the voiceover that show where the story takes place.
Close Up – Focus on something in detail.
Wide Shot – Show the person or subject in their surroundings.
Interesting Angle – Shoot from a different perspective (low, high, angled).
B-Roll – Video clips that show background to the story.
Stand Ups – The reporter is talking to the camera, maybe showing or demonstrating something.

Audio – 
Reporter Track
Nat Sounds 
Sound Bites

You should also have Subtitle/Title Bars identifying the people in your shots.
You can also choose a Theme with formatted graphics,

Storyboard – List the shots you need and the order they will appear in the video.
Script – What will the reporter say during the intro, in between sound bites, and as a closing.

  • B-Roll – video clips illustrating the story, edited in sequences to give the viewer an accurate picture of what’s happening.
  • Reporter track – your voice as the reporter, narrating the b-roll. If you want to compare it to a newspaper article, it’s everything that’s not the quotes.
  • Soundbites – You will be interviewing several people for every package, but you’re not going to use their entire conversation. Chop the interview into short, meaningful soundbites.
  • Natural sound – the ambient noise in an area lets the story breathe, and nat pops (short bursts of natural sound) can jump out to the viewer and grab their attention
  • Stand ups – The reporter on camera, demonstrating or showing something. Don’t use it for face time, use it as a way to illustrate the story. Use props or set the camera at unique angles to show something.



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