More Cropping

The nice thing about our cameras is that the resolution is so high, that you can take a photo that was taken far away from the subject and still make a nice, clear, close-up shot out of it by cropping. And sometimes you can get multiple images from the same photo.

Here’s a crowd shot from a Varsity Boys Basketball game from years ago. We were ahead at the end of the game with a matter of seconds left on the clock. The crowd was ecstatic. The other team threw the ball in from the sidelines, and their player lofted the ball clear across the court to score the winning basket as the buzzer sounded. The person who took this photo had the presence of mind to think about turning around to take a shot of the crowd’s reaction. Where moment before they had been jumping up and down smiling and congratulating each other, their expressions changed instantly.


There’s a lot going on in this photo What/Who are we supposed to be looking at? It’s not clear. Whose face should we look at? Should we be looking at the clock with no time left on it in the right center of the image? The cheerleaders? Where are your eyes drawn to?

Here are some ways that we can cut this photo up into multiple images that more clearly express the emotions of the students:



StateLoss.Crop4 StateLoss.Crop6 StateLoss.Crop5

StateLoss.Crop1   StateLoss.Crop2.anger

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