– Submit two versions of 5 different photos – one full frame and one cropped to improve composition and aesthetics. (10 photos on the page) Before and After Cropping versions of each photo.

Your photo should try to use the Rule of Thirds when you compose your photo. Avoid putting the subject in the center of the photo. Try to position the subject in one of the four focal points.

Also try to place subjects so they are facing into the center of the photo. People facing off the page tend to draw the viewer’s eye away from the photo.

If you don’t compose the photo the way you want it, you can Crop the photo to get rid of unwanted elements such as too much space around the subject or distracting objects in the background.



For outdoor or wide shots, place the horizon line on the bottom third of the photo.

Imagine that you are framing a picture when you look through the viewfinder. Look at all of the outside edges of the frame. Make sure you don’t cut off people’s feet or heads.

Also pay attention to what is in the background of the photo. Avoid placing the subject in front of things like poles or trees as it makes it look like the objects are coming out of the person’s head.

After you crop your photo, go to File > Save As, and rename the photo by adding a .2 to the file name BEFORE the .jpg. Example: If the original image is: P3.Comp.Name.001.jpg, after you crop it, rename it to be: P3.Comp.Name.001.2.jpg. Save it in the Composition Assignment folder that you already made in your Originals folder on your desktop, so it’s in the same place as the original. This way, they will both show up in Photo Mechanic.

You will include both photos (before and after cropping) in your Gallery.

Be sure to caption the photo before you crop it, so you don’t have to copy and paste it. The caption will also appear in the cropped photo.

Points Possible
  Grading Criteria:
 20 Subject: Photo of a person, not an object. The person is not looking at the camera. Not posed. Actively doing something.
 5 Focus: Image is Clear, Sharp, and Not Blurry.
 40 Caption/Cutline: (All or nothing.) Written in Correct Style/Tense. All 5Ws Included in first sentence. People identified correctly. Two sentences.
 5 Correctness of Exposure: Balance Exposure. Light, Dark, Mid-tones all present. Good Contrast. Not Grainy. Not too light or too dark.
 20 Composition: Subject Not Centered. Rule of Thirds used. Interesting Perspective. Cropped before resized – cropped photo not too small.
 10 Newsworthy: Is the photo Journalistically Usable?


CAPTION: The caption must be written in the Simple Present Tense, (runs, studies, eats, fixes, etc.) and it should include all of the Who, What, Where and When information. The person/people should be identified by their first and last name, and by grade if it’s a student (by grade number in parentheses after their name), or job title (before the person’s name) if it’s a staff person. Example: Mary Johnson (12) or Math Teacher John Heineman. Be sure to include a space in between the student’s name and grade, and be sure not to use a comma in between the staff person’s title and first name.

The caption must also contain a second sentence written in the Past Tense telling something else about what’s happening in the photo or some other information about the person or event photographed.

Captions must be spell checked, and all of the names of people MUST be spelled correctly. Captions with misspelled names will result in an automatic 0 for the assignment.

The Caption is worth 40 points out of the total 100 points for the assignment. It will be graded as an all-or-nothing grade. If it is written in the correct style with all of the correct information in the correct form and everything is spelled correctly, you will receive all 40 points. If any of the information is missing, or if it is written in the incorrect style, you will receive 0 points. That means the best grade you could receive on the assignment, assuming everything else is perfect, would be a 60% which is an D.

Captions are extremely important! Write them carefully!

If you have questions, ask Mr. Keller BEFORE you submit the assignment.

For more detailed instructions for writing captions go to: l

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