COB (Cut Out Background)

COB (Cut Out Background) Use either your Fashion Photos or your Student Portraits. Using Photoshop, cut the person out of five different photos and do one of the following 3 Effects:

You should submit 5 photos for this assignment using 5 different photos. You should use one of each of these effects:
– Put the person in a Blank Background
Blur the Background of the original photo
Combine the Photo with another image (person cut out of one image and placed into another – appropriate – image.)
The remaining two images can be any of the above effects.

Your images should look something like these examples:

Plain Background

Blurred Background

Combined Background

Open the photo in Photoshop

Click on the Lasso Tool, hold down your mouse, and select the Magnetic Lasso Tool.

***Change the Feather setting to 2 px.***

Clicking often to create anchor points, trace around the subject of your photo. When you get all the way around to the place where you started the outline will turn into the shimmering dashed line.

Go to Select and choose Inverse.

Hit the delete key on your keyboard to knock out the background. Be sure to change the Fill option to Background Color, or pick a Color from the Color Wheel. Don‘t select Content Aware.

Photoshop.Delete Photoshop.ColorPhotoshop.Color

Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool again, select any areas missed by the initial selection (like the space between her arm and her body) and delete again.

For the second effect (using a different photo) select the subject with the Magnetic Lasso tool, Go to Select and choose Inverse, and then go to the Filter menu and select Blur – and then either Motion Blur or Radial Blur.

You can also choose Noise – and Dust and Scratches to create a blurred background. This simulates narrow Depth of Field and accentuates your subject.

For the third effect, you will combine the photo with another. Find an appropriate image on the internet, and copy it to your desktop. Open it in Photoshop. Then select the subject of your original photo, and choose Copy from the Edit menu. Go to the internet photo and choose Paste from the Edit menu.

Click Show Transform Controls in your Photoshop tool menu at the top. Grab the corner of the pasted image, HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY and drag the image smaller so that it fits inside the other image.

**You may have to zoom out a bit to see the edges of the pasted image since it may be larger than the internet image. Zoom out by holding down the Apple key and hitting the – key several times. You can zoom in by using the Apple and + keys.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to go to Layers and choose Flatten Image when you are done. Then say SAVE AS, and rename the image by adding a .2 to the file name BEFOREĀ  the .jpg extension.

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