Friday, Jan. 10, 2020

Today we will be introducing our partners. Take a minute to discuss with your partner and make sure they are okay with the couple of things you will share with the class about them.

You and your partner will stand up and take turns introducing each other to the class. Start by saying their name (pronounced correctly – please check to be sure), and then tell us three or four things you learned about them that you found interesting.

We may ask you or your partner for more information as a follow-up if we have more questions. You should all take notes during the presentation. We will have a short quiz on Monday. You will need to identify each person in class, know their name (spelled correctly) and at least one interesting thing you learned about them.

You will also have the opportunity to interview me as a group, so be thinking about questions you’d like me to answer.

After we finish, if we have time, we will go over theĀ Equipment Responsibility Agreement.


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