Monday, March 24, 2019

Good morning.

Our next assignment is the Feature Photo. You will be taking photos in classrooms again, and this time I want you to gather complete information for your captions. 

Today I’d like you to do some more caption writing practice.
Click here to go to the practice page and follow the directions CAREFULLY. 

Some of you did well on this the first time around, but you’ve missed points on assignments because of incorrect captions.

Doing this practice will help you to remember what kind of information you need, and it will make sure you know the correct format for the captions of your photos. Remember that you can’t resubmit this assignment, so you’ll need to get the captions correct the first time. 

To make sure you have all of the information you need, be sure to:
1. Take photos of the board with notes on the day’s assignment.
2. Take photos of any worksheets that students are working on or the books they are reading.
3. Also, we need to be sure to get names and grades for everyone you photograph. Take photos of IDs if they have them, or write down their names on a piece of paper.
4. Take MULTIPLE photos of each person from DIFFERENT ANGLES.
5. Use the RULE OF THIRDS to improve composition.

We’ll talk a bit more about this assignment tomorrow, and then we’ll take photos on Wednesday and Thursday.

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