Monday, March 18, 2019

Good morning! Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed your break. 

Today I’d like you to start by looking at the 2019 SPRING SPORTS SIGNUP. 

We need photos of spring sports for the Yearbook, and our deadline is April 3rd, so we need photos taken this week and next week. I need photos of ALL sports (varsity, JV, Reserve, and Freshman, so I need at least one person to sign up for each team. If someone has already signed up for one sport, please pick a different sport until all teams are covered.

We will also discuss how to take spring sports photos and where to stand.

You should have a MINIMUM of 500 action photos for this assignment.

After you sign up, please continue working on your Sports assignment. Since we had the snow day before break, we didn’t have time to get these done. They are due Tomorrow at the end of class. Be sure to look at the assignment description to see how the captions need to be written.

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