Monday, March 4, 2019

Good morning!

Today I’d like you to work on formatting and submitting your Fashion Photos.

You need 10 photos for this assignment (preferably 10 different people).

Be sure to CROP the photo to improve Composition if necessary. Observe the Rule of Thirds, and crop out any distracting elements in the photo. Don’t crop too narrowly, however, and keep some space around the person. Keep the photo basically the same shape as the original. You do NOT have to include the original for this assignment, only the cropped photo should be in the gallery.

Caption: 3 Sentences
Follow standard caption writing guidelines for identifying the person (full name and grade number in parentheses), except that for this one you’ll be saying that she/he poses for a fashion photo. In the second sentence, describe what they’re wearing. In the third sentence, say how they describe their style. 

Anthony Gonzalez (10) poses for a fashion photo during 3rd period in the 3rd Floor East hallway. Gonzalez is wearing jeans, a plain T-shirt, and black and white Chuck Taylor high top tennis shoes. He describes his style as “comfortable casual.”



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