Friday, Feb. 22, 2019

Good morning.

Today we’re going to look at using Photoshop to improve our exposure (how light or dark your photo is). Sometimes we have difficult lighting situations, and we need to correct our image to make it lighter or darker.

Short instructions:
Open photo in Photoshop.
Image – Adjustments – Levels
Move the sliders in the center of the window to lighten or darken your image
White and Black sliders will increase only the amount of white or black.
The Center slider (mid-tones) will brighten or darken the overall image.
Don’t over lighten your image, or it will become grainy.

Use this technique to improve your Portrait Photos.

Also remember to always Crop the photos to improve Composition. This will be part of your grade for this and all future assignments.

And be sure your Caption is correct for this assignment. See the description and examples here. 


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