Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019

Good morning. Hope you enjoyed your snow day yesterday.

Everyone should have taken Portrait Photos, so today we’ll begin processing them as we have been.
1. Upload your photos from Photos to your Photos Master Folder.
Name this assignment/folder: P3.Portrait.Date.Name. 
2. Batch Rename: P3.Portrait.Name
3. Caption: This caption will be a little different since it’s a posed photo.
Name and grade of the student, what they’re doing -in the simple present tense- (poses for a portrait photo) where (specifically) they’re posing, whose class it was for, and when the photo was taken. The second sentence should be some additional, interesting information about the person.

You need a different fact for each caption. Do NOT just give her/him a piece of paper and ask them to write down 10 things. Talk to them. Ask them about hobbies, interests, favorites, backgrounds, experiences, jobs, family, etc.

Example: Angel Tran (12) poses for a portrait photo outside in the front of the building for Greg Keller’s 3rd period Photojournalism class. Tran is the editor-in-chief of The Advocate newspaper at LHS.

4. Crop to improve Composition. Cut out distracting elements, use Rule of Thirds, etc.
5. Export the 10 best photos to a Gallery in your Website Folder.
6. Make a Link to the Assignment Gallery (all.html)

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