Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

Good morning!

Today we’re going to look at the photos you took last week, and we’re going to learn how to use Photoshop to crop them to improve the Composition.

Here is a link to a tutorial video on Cropping and Adjusting Levels/Exposure.

Here are written step-by-step instructions for cropping using Photoshop.

In Photo Mechanic click on the image you want to use (from your Original Images folder), and go to Image and select Edit Photos. This will open your photo in Photoshop. You can also drag the image from Photo Mechanic to the Photoshop icon in your Dock. (You should have already resized and saved the uncropped version of your photo to your Website Images Folder.)

Using the Cropping Tool in the tool pallette,

click and drag a box around the area of the photo that you want to keep. Once you let go of the mouse, you can make adjustments by grabbing the middle of the selection box and dragging the edges to where you want them.

Remember that you want to crop the photo so that the subject is not in the center of the photo, and cut out any distracting background elements.

Double click inside the selected area to commit the crop.

SAVE AS to your Website Images folder, BUT be sure to change the file name of the image so that it doesn’t save over top of the other image you already placed there. For example: If your first (uncropped image) was called, P3Crop.Greg.001.jpg, then name the cropped version P3Crop.Greg2.001.jpg. This way you’ll have both the Before and After versions of the photos to place on the page.

After you have placed all 6 photos on your page (Before and After versions of 3 photos) MAKE A LINK to your Cropping and Composition Page from your Index Page. Follow the directions carefully, and you’ll have no trouble.

Be sure to check your captions carefully. You should have 2 sentences for each photo. The first sentence should have all of the Who, What, Where, and When information and it should be in the correct verb tense (no -ing verbs) with people identified correctly – by first and last name and grade/job title.

Remember that Captions are 30 points of your grade out of 100, and that they are all or nothing. Be careful. Get them right.

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