Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019

Good morning.

You should have finished your Student Portrait assignment yesterday. I have uploaded everything, so be sure to check on the live website today to make sure everything is working. I will be grading those tonight.

Today we’re going to talk about the next assignment, the Fashion Photo. For this assignment, you will take posed photos of students and staff to show their particular style.

We’ll go over the specifications in class today, and we’ll begin taking photos tomorrow and Friday.

Friday, Feb. 22, 2019

Good morning.

Today we’re going to look at using Photoshop to improve our exposure (how light or dark your photo is). Sometimes we have difficult lighting situations, and we need to correct our image to make it lighter or darker.

Short instructions:
Open photo in Photoshop.
Image – Adjustments – Levels
Move the sliders in the center of the window to lighten or darken your image
White and Black sliders will increase only the amount of white or black.
The Center slider (mid-tones) will brighten or darken the overall image.
Don’t over lighten your image, or it will become grainy.

Use this technique to improve your Portrait Photos.

Also remember to always Crop the photos to improve Composition. This will be part of your grade for this and all future assignments.

And be sure your Caption is correct for this assignment. See the description and examples here. 


Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019

Good morning. Hope you enjoyed your snow day yesterday.

Everyone should have taken Portrait Photos, so today we’ll begin processing them as we have been.
1. Upload your photos from Photos to your Photos Master Folder.
Name this assignment/folder: P3.Portrait.Date.Name. 
2. Batch Rename: P3.Portrait.Name
3. Caption: This caption will be a little different since it’s a posed photo.
Name and grade of the student, what they’re doing -in the simple present tense- (poses for a portrait photo) where (specifically) they’re posing, whose class it was for, and when the photo was taken. The second sentence should be some additional, interesting information about the person.

You need a different fact for each caption. Do NOT just give her/him a piece of paper and ask them to write down 10 things. Talk to them. Ask them about hobbies, interests, favorites, backgrounds, experiences, jobs, family, etc.

Example: Angel Tran (12) poses for a portrait photo outside in the front of the building for Greg Keller’s 3rd period Photojournalism class. Tran is the editor-in-chief of The Advocate newspaper at LHS.

4. Crop to improve Composition. Cut out distracting elements, use Rule of Thirds, etc.
5. Export the 10 best photos to a Gallery in your Website Folder.
6. Make a Link to the Assignment Gallery (all.html)

Monday, Feb. 18, 2019

Good morning.

Today you’re going to begin taking your Student Portrait photos

You should have a MINIMUM of 75-100 usable photos. This will be part of your grade for this assignment.

1. Different locations
2. Different poses
3. Different angles
4. Different lighting
5. Shoot horizontally and vertically (but NOT diagonally)

Change YOUR position

Have your subject looking/not looking at the camera, smiling/not smiling, etc.
*Be sure they take off their lanyard and ID when having their photos taken. 


Take the entire period to shoot, but be back in time to download your photos and turn in your camera.

Help each other.

Friday, Feb. 15, 2019

Good morning.

Today I want to talk a little more about caption/cutline writing. I’ll be checking the resubmissions for your Cropping and Composition assignment this weekend. Be sure you have fixed any captions that were incorrect.

Our next assignment is the Student Portrait. Here is a link to the assignment description for it. 

We will begin taking these photos on Monday. You will be paired with your usual partner.

Be sure to use the principles of good Composition when taking these photos. We’ll look at some examples today.

Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019

Good morning.

I’m not in the building today. Please follow these directions.

**If you are planning to take photos tonight, please email me, and I’ll make sure someone is here at the end of the day to get you a camera.** 

I have updated grades in Synergy for the Cropping and Composition assignment. Most of you did well with the photos and the cropping. We still need to work on Captions. Check the comments I made in Synergy, and work on correcting anything that I took off points for.

Captions are worth 40 points out of 100, and they are all or nothing. They are VERY important. They must be in the correct style and have all of the correct information. Misspelled names are an automatic F. Double check them. 

Once you have fixed them (change the captions in Photo Mechanic and re-export the photos to your assignment gallery), be sure to put today’s date in the Date Resubmitted column on your Index page. This will let me know that you have fixed them. If they are correct, you can get all of the points back. Save the Index page. I will upload them when I return.

Here is a link to a description of what captions need to have and how they should be written. Read this carefully, please. 

Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019

Good morning.

Today I’d like you to finish up the Composition/Cropping assignment. It’s due at the end of the period.

You should have 10 photos, renamed and captioned correctly, and you should include the original and the cropped version for a total of 20 photos in the gallery. I want to see the original and then the cropped version so I can see how you improved the composition of the photos.

Export them to the 02.CompositionGallery in your Website folder, and make a link on your Index page.

You have the whole period to work. Let me know if you need help or have questions.


Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

Good morning!

Today we’re going to look at the photos you took last week, and we’re going to learn how to use Photoshop to crop them to improve the Composition.

Here is a link to a tutorial video on Cropping and Adjusting Levels/Exposure.

Here are written step-by-step instructions for cropping using Photoshop.

In Photo Mechanic click on the image you want to use (from your Original Images folder), and go to Image and select Edit Photos. This will open your photo in Photoshop. You can also drag the image from Photo Mechanic to the Photoshop icon in your Dock. (You should have already resized and saved the uncropped version of your photo to your Website Images Folder.)

Using the Cropping Tool in the tool pallette,

click and drag a box around the area of the photo that you want to keep. Once you let go of the mouse, you can make adjustments by grabbing the middle of the selection box and dragging the edges to where you want them.

Remember that you want to crop the photo so that the subject is not in the center of the photo, and cut out any distracting background elements.

Double click inside the selected area to commit the crop.

SAVE AS to your Website Images folder, BUT be sure to change the file name of the image so that it doesn’t save over top of the other image you already placed there. For example: If your first (uncropped image) was called, P3Crop.Greg.001.jpg, then name the cropped version P3Crop.Greg2.001.jpg. This way you’ll have both the Before and After versions of the photos to place on the page.

After you have placed all 6 photos on your page (Before and After versions of 3 photos) MAKE A LINK to your Cropping and Composition Page from your Index Page. Follow the directions carefully, and you’ll have no trouble.

Be sure to check your captions carefully. You should have 2 sentences for each photo. The first sentence should have all of the Who, What, Where, and When information and it should be in the correct verb tense (no -ing verbs) with people identified correctly – by first and last name and grade/job title.

Remember that Captions are 30 points of your grade out of 100, and that they are all or nothing. Be careful. Get them right.

Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019

Good afternoon!

I am out of the building today.

Today we’re going to look at how to write captions for photos. We mentioned the other day that journalistic photos tell a story and that the captions help give the reader more information than they can get just from looking at the photo. They are very important, especially in the school newspaper and yearbook.

Captions in journalism follow a specific formula. Today you’re going to learn what that looks like and practice writing captions yourself using some photos provided on the form.

Please click on this link, and follow the instructions. . The sub will go over the instructions with you before you begin. PLEASE read the directions carefully before starting. This will be graded, so do your best.

When you finish, be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. Click it at the end of the period, even if you are not finished with all of the captions. The form won’t save your answers unless you do.