Wednesday, Nov. 28 2018

Good afternoon.

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News Package Topic Due Today.
iMovie Tutorial/Demo
Practice with clips

Today we’re going to learn to use iMovie to create our News Packages.

Connect to the server, and go to the Class Read Only folder. There is a folder there titled: NewsPackagePracticeClips
Drag that folder to your desktop. 

You will use these audio and video clips to put together a practice news package.

When that is done downloading, launch iMovie from your Applications folder.

Create a New Project. Name it: iMoviePractice.YOUR NAME

This will be saved on your Hard Drive. When you are finished, you will upload it to a folder on the server in the Class Read Write folder.

Import the clips and put them together into a short video following the steps outlined in the tutorial we’re going to watch today. Here is the link for reference:

Your video should include: 
1. an Establishing shot
2. Sound bites
3. Wide shots
4. Close ups
5. Audio (Reporter’s Track)
6. B-Roll
7. Titles and Transitions

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