Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018

Good afternoon.

I’d like you to continue working on your Sports Assignment that we talked about yesterday. You can review the assignment criteria here. 

These will be due on Friday, Nov. 2nd

You should caption all of the photos with the basic information (sport, team level – varsity, JV, etc.) and then add specific information for the 10 best photos for your gallery

Be sure to crop the selected photos to improve composition. You do NOT need to included the original images in the gallery. Just submit your 10 best photos.

Also, make sure to review the requirements for sports photo captions. You will NOT be able to resubmit this assignment once it is turned in, so be sure the captions are written in the correct style. Points for captions are all or nothing, so be careful to check that they are correct.

Be sure for SPORTS PHOTOS that you identify the specific sport, whether it is Varsity, JV, Reserve, or Freshman, who the opponent was, specifically what is happening in the photo in simple present tense, and where and when the game was played. You must also include a second sentence about the player or the game.

Example: Ronesha Hoagland (11) shoots a free throw against Southeast during the Varsity Girls Basketball game at Lincoln High on Tuesday, Dec. 17th. The Links defeated the Knights 137 to 6.

Remember to be specific about what the person is doing in the photo. Shoots a free throw, not plays basketball. Hits a line drive, not plays softball.

You should have a different second sentence for each photo.

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