Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018

Good afternoon.

I updated grades in Synergy last night and sent everyone an email.

Many of you have missing work from the beginning of the semester (online forms that haven’t been turned in) or you have assignments that have had points taken off for things like incorrect captions or broken links to your web pages.

Please don’t panic. 

You are able to fix these things and resubmit them for a higher grade. I have included comments in Synergy to let you know specifically what needs to be changed/fixed.

The requirements for captions and the process for creating and submitting your galleries are here.

  1. Please read these instructions carefully, and change any captions that are incorrect. Captions for Spirit Week are a little different. Here is the page with those instructions. 
  2. Re-export the photos to Assignment folder in your Galleries folder in your Website folder. This will overwrite the files that are there now and it will be updated when I upload them to the server again.
  3. On your Index page, add today’s date in the Resubmitted column to the right of your assignment link. This will let me know that you’ve fixed it and that I need to look at it again.
  4. You do not need to change the link if you’ve made one already. If you haven’t made a link yet, be sure to do that. Remember that instructions for making a link are different than the ones on the paper sheet of instructions. We went over these yesterday. They are updated with screenshots on the Step-by-Step Instructions page here. 

Friday is the end of 1st quarter. You will need to get these things fixed and resubmitted by the end of the day on Friday. You will have time this week to get this done.

It’s important that you check the website after asking me to upload your files to make sure that everything is working correctly. Broken links are like turning in a paper assignment to the wrong place and having it get lost. I can’t grade what I can’t see. It’s your responsibility to make sure things are working correctly when you turn them in. Give yourself time. Don’t wait until the last possible moment.

Please let me know if you have questions or need help making the changes.

It’s important that we have these skills mastered before we move on to the next assignments, because for second quarter, you will not be able to resubmit them once they are turned in. Also, making deadlines is crucial, so they must be met in order to get points for the assignment.

If you have questions, email me, and put Photojournalism question in the Subject line.


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