Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018


Today you will go out to take your First Photos. Remember that I’m looking for pictures of PEOPLE as much as possible. You should come back with a MINIMUM of 40 USABLE photos. Your partner will help you take notes for captions. You MUST identify all people by FIRST AND LAST NAME, AND GRADE in captions. You will also say what the people are doing, so be sure to take good notes. On Monday, you will switch roles with your partner.

Yesterday we went over camera basics. Please remember these things:

1. ALWAYS have the camera strap around your wist AND ALWAYS carry the camera in your hand. Please do not let it swing by the strap.
2. Check to make sure your BATTERIES are fresh – take a photo before you leave. If the batteries are dying, the low battery icon will flash.
3. Check the LENS to be sure it’s clean. Wipe it with a soft lens cloth. DO NOT use your clothing to clean the lens. It may scratch it.
4. Check the SETTINGS on your camera. Be sure the ISO is on Auto in the P and TV settings, and if you use the TV setting, be sure your SHUTTER SPEED is set correctly, and use the FLASH if you need to.
5. Take your Photojournalism ID and WEAR IT at ALL TIMES when you are out taking photos.
6. PLEASE be on your BEST BEHAVIOR when out on assignment. Your mission is to be as invisible as possible. You are Photo Ninjas. If you have any problems, please contact me immediately. Remember that you should have NO FOOD OR DRINKS with you (or your partner) while you are out taking photos. You should also not be using your cell phone or mp3 player. You are on the job when you are outside of the classroom. Your actions reflect on all of the other Photojournalism students.
7. Be sure to take photos of the DOOR SIGNS outside of the classrooms before you enter so you know where you were and whose class it was.
8. Take photos of the board for notes, textbooks, worksheets, and student IDs to help you write good captions.
9. Take MULTIPLE photos of each shot – from different angles, holding the camera vertically vs. horizontally, with and without flash, etc. Move around the room to get different perspectives.
10. Return at least 10 minutes before class ends so you have time to download your photos.
11. After downloading your photos, return the camera directly to me. Put it in my hands. Do not leave it on my desk, your desk, the table, or anywhere else. Watch me initial the book to indicate that you have returned the camera.

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