Friday, April 27, 2018

Good morning!

We should begin shooting footage for the News Package today and Monday. You can do your standup last if you need to along with your Reporter’s Track (the audio that will go over the clips that don’t have people speaking).

I’ll be looking at your Storyboards today so we can develop a plan for shooting.

Be sure you have your Sound Bites done by Tuesday of next week if possible, so we can start putting things together on Wednesday.

Go through the Checklist at the bottom of your Storyboard to make sure you have all of the kinds of shots you need:
___ Establishing Shot – Visuals during the voiceover that show where the story takes place.
___ Close Up – Focus on something in detail.
___ Wide Shot – Show the person or subject in their surroundings.
___ Interesting Angle – Shoot from a different perspective (low, high, angled).
___ B-Roll – Video clips that show background to the story.
___ Stand Ups – The reporter is talking to the camera, maybe showing or demonstrating something.

___ Audio –
___ Reporter Track
___ Nat Sounds
___ Sound Bites

Titles: *These weren’t listed on the Storyboard
___ Subtitles identifying anyone who is recorded – If you selected a Theme, there are some options at the top of the Titles menu that will include the graphics that go with that theme. Or you can click on the Titles tab and select something like Standard Lower Third which will add the title to the bottom left of the screen. Be sure to identify people by name and grade/job title.

Here are remaining deadline dates for this project: 
Wednesday 5/2: Finish shooting any Sound Bites or B-Roll, etc. Fill out Checklist on Storyboard.
Thursday 5/3: All footage shot (including Standup). Import clips and add to Timeline. Edit.
Friday 5/4: Record and lay down the Reporter’s Track.
Monday 5/7: Work on Final Edits – Transitions, Titles, Themes, etc. Export to Server Folder
Tuesday 5/8: Film Festival – We’ll present your News Packages to the class and give feedback.


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