Good morning!

Today I’d like you to do some practicing with iMovie using some video and audio clips located on our server.

First: Connect to the server – Go to the Go menu at the top of your screen in the Finder Window and select Connect to Server.

Enter this text exactly: smb://

Click on the 2668 folder and select the Class Read Only folder.

Click on the folder titled: NewsPackagePracticeClips and drag it to your desktop to place a copy there.

When that is done downloading, launch iMovie from your Applications folder.

Create a New Project. Name it: iMoviePractice.YOUR NAME

Import the clips and put them together into a short video following the steps outlined in the tutorial we’re going to watch today. Here is the link for reference:

Your video should include: 
1. an Establishing shot
2. Sound bites
3. Wide shots
4. Close ups
5. Audio (Reporter’s Track)
6. B-Roll
7. Titles and Transitions

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