Friday, Feb. 2, 2018

Today I’d like you to practice cropping photos using Photoshop. You can use your First Photos. I want you to crop the photos to improve the composition using the Rule of Thirds that we talked about yesterday. 

Follow the directions below.

First, launch from the Applications Folder. It’s in the Adobe Photoshop folder.
Next, open your First Photos folder in Photo Mechanic.
Click on the photo you want to work on, and drag it onto the Photoshop icon in your dock. This will open the photo in Photoshop.
Click on the cropping tool in the tool bar.
Click and drag a box around the area of the photo you want to keep.
When you let go, you will see the Rule of Thirds grid on top of the photo.
Move the corners to select the area you want. (Make sure your crop observes the Rule of Thirds by placing the subject in one of the focal points.)

Double click inside the selected area to apply the crop.
Keep doing this until you have the desired composition.
When you are satisfied, go to File and select Save As. Be sure to select Save As, so you don’t save over top of the original image.
Add a .2 to the end of the file name, but be sure to leave the .jpg at the end.
(So the file name should be: P5.FirstPhotos.Name.015.2.jpg)
Repeat these steps until you have cropped 10 different photos. 

If you have time, you can make a gallery out of these 20 photos in Photo Mechanic.
Select the ones you want (include the Original Image and the Cropped Version), go to File and select Export.
Change the name of the gallery to Cropping Practice and Your Name.
When you click Export, navigate to the Galleries folder in your Website Folder.
Click the New Folder button on the bottom left.
Name the folder Cropping Practice.
Click Open to create the gallery.
You won’t need to make a link for this assignment.

On Monday, we’ll plan to start taking photos for the Composition assignment.
I will give you a copy of the Master Schedule to choose classes from.

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