Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018

**Meet in the Media Center Computer Lab 100L today**
You will have a sub today.

Today, you will be evaluating each other’s photos from this first assignment.

Click on this link to get to the form you will use to evaluate their photos.

Evaluate what you think is the best photo for the First Photos assignment¬†from everyone on the list. If you finish, you should continue evaluating other photos from the person’s gallery. Be sure to also evaluate your own photos.

These directions are also on the form: 
1. Click on this link: to get to the list of student websites for our class.
2. Click on the link to the web page of the person ABOVE your name on the list. (The first time you do this, it will ask you for a user name and password. The User Name is: photoj, and the Password is: 2011.)
3. Click on their First Photos link.
4. Keep that page and this page open at the same time.
5. Below, evaluate what you think is their BEST photo based on the criteria below, and enter a number score in each box below. Include the image title for the photo you are evaluating.
6. After you have entered a number in each box, add them up and enter the TOTAL in the box at the bottom.
7. You should also write comments in the comment box at the bottom of the table indicating what you LIKED about the photo and what you think could have been IMPROVED. ***If you take points off for the caption, you will need to identify specifically what was wrong or missing ***
8. When you have finished, click the Submit button below.
9. Then click on the “Go Back to Form” button.
10. Click on the Back button in the window of the student page after you have submitted your evaluation score.
11. Click on the link to the web page of the person who appears BELOW your name and follow the same instructions as above.
12. Click on your own web page and EVALUATE YOUR OWN assignment.
13. Continue to evaluate ALL other students in your class.
14. You will be graded on how well you follow these instructions and how accurately you evaluate the assignments.



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