Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018

Good afternoon. I had to leave early today. Mr. Genrich will be your sub.
Have a great Thanksgiving Break!

Before you leave today, please sign up for a Winter Sports game to cover. Choose one that happens before Dec. 7th. Click here to see the form. 

Below are links to a few more video examples of good feature story news packages. Mr. Genrich will show you these, and you can discuss what you liked about them and what techniques he used to draw you into the story.

Be thinking about a topic you would like to use for your News Package assignment. We will begin working on these when we come back from break so you should have a topic idea on Monday when we return. 

Everybody Has a Story

The first episode:




Everyone in the World Has a Story

Blind Man’s Pride

Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018

Good afternoon.

I’d like you to continue working on your Sports Assignment that we talked about yesterday. You can review the assignment criteria here. 

These will be due on Friday, Nov. 2nd

You should caption all of the photos with the basic information (sport, team level – varsity, JV, etc.) and then add specific information for the 10 best photos for your gallery

Be sure to crop the selected photos to improve composition. You do NOT need to included the original images in the gallery. Just submit your 10 best photos.

Also, make sure to review the requirements for sports photo captions. You will NOT be able to resubmit this assignment once it is turned in, so be sure the captions are written in the correct style. Points for captions are all or nothing, so be careful to check that they are correct.

Be sure for SPORTS PHOTOS that you identify the specific sport, whether it is Varsity, JV, Reserve, or Freshman, who the opponent was, specifically what is happening in the photo in simple present tense, and where and when the game was played. You must also include a second sentence about the player or the game.

Example: Ronesha Hoagland (11) shoots a free throw against Southeast during the Varsity Girls Basketball game at Lincoln High on Tuesday, Dec. 17th. The Links defeated the Knights 137 to 6.

Remember to be specific about what the person is doing in the photo. Shoots a free throw, not plays basketball. Hits a line drive, not plays softball.

You should have a different second sentence for each photo.

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018

Good afternoon!

I’m out of the building today and tomorrow at a journalism conference at UNL. I’ll be back on Monday. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email me. 

Today, I’d like you to try to do the next assignment by reading and following the directions on the Assignment Description page.

Click on the Assignments Tab. Go down to Cut Out Background (COB).
Or click here. 

Use your Student Portrait images for this assignment.

Also make a New Folder in your Photos Master folders and title it “COB”. When you “Save As” after applying the effects, you should navigate to that COB folder to save the image there.

This may be challenging for you to do this by only following the written directions. You can work together to help one another as long as you are actually working.


Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018

PLEASE remember to add today’s date in the Resubmitted Column on your Home Page if you need me to regrade any of your assignments.
You MUST have a date in there, or I will NOT look at it to regrade. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO FIX ANYTHING AND RESUBMIT IT FOR 1ST QUARTER GRADES. 

Tomorrow and Friday we will go out to take Student Portrait photos. We looked at some examples last week. Think about what worked and didn’t work as you plan your photos. It looks like we should have good weather both days, so plan to take some outside shots as well as some indoor shots.

Today I will assign partners. Decide who will take photos and who will pose for each day. If you want to bring an object that is significant to you or if you want to wear something meaningful, be sure to bring/wear it on the day you are posing.

This will be part of your grade.
– Take photos in a variety of locations and lighting conditions.
-The subject should be posed naturally with appropriate lighting and composition.
Indoor and Outdoor Photos (weather permitting)
-With and without flash (Even if you shoot outside, you might use the flash to fill in shadows.)
Horizontal and Vertical Photos (This can make a huge difference in your photo.)
-Subject looking at, and away from, the camera.
-Subject smiling and not smiling.
Change YOUR location/position to change the perspective/angle of the photo.
-Be sure that your subject has taken their lanyard and ID OFF.

Work Together:
If you are the photographer, help your subject to look good. Suggest poses and locations. Ask your subject if they have suggestions or ideas.

If you are the subject, work with the photographer. Be willing to try different poses and locations. Make suggestions if you have any ideas.


Emersyn Liljehorn Arayah Anderson
Seanna Mann Taylor Kruse
Marieange Mballa Mbotto Zahra’a Hashem
Brooklyn Schutz John Howell
Jack Streckfuss Daijanae Lawrence Avery Eastman
Maureen Sughroue Mason Madden
Brooklyn Turner Roquaya Al-Jabery


Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018

Good afternoon.

I updated grades in Synergy last night and sent everyone an email.

Many of you have missing work from the beginning of the semester (online forms that haven’t been turned in) or you have assignments that have had points taken off for things like incorrect captions or broken links to your web pages.

Please don’t panic. 

You are able to fix these things and resubmit them for a higher grade. I have included comments in Synergy to let you know specifically what needs to be changed/fixed.

The requirements for captions and the process for creating and submitting your galleries are here.

  1. Please read these instructions carefully, and change any captions that are incorrect. Captions for Spirit Week are a little different. Here is the page with those instructions. 
  2. Re-export the photos to Assignment folder in your Galleries folder in your Website folder. This will overwrite the files that are there now and it will be updated when I upload them to the server again.
  3. On your Index page, add today’s date in the Resubmitted column to the right of your assignment link. This will let me know that you’ve fixed it and that I need to look at it again.
  4. You do not need to change the link if you’ve made one already. If you haven’t made a link yet, be sure to do that. Remember that instructions for making a link are different than the ones on the paper sheet of instructions. We went over these yesterday. They are updated with screenshots on the Step-by-Step Instructions page here. 

Friday is the end of 1st quarter. You will need to get these things fixed and resubmitted by the end of the day on Friday. You will have time this week to get this done.

It’s important that you check the website after asking me to upload your files to make sure that everything is working correctly. Broken links are like turning in a paper assignment to the wrong place and having it get lost. I can’t grade what I can’t see. It’s your responsibility to make sure things are working correctly when you turn them in. Give yourself time. Don’t wait until the last possible moment.

Please let me know if you have questions or need help making the changes.

It’s important that we have these skills mastered before we move on to the next assignments, because for second quarter, you will not be able to resubmit them once they are turned in. Also, making deadlines is crucial, so they must be met in order to get points for the assignment.

If you have questions, email me, and put Photojournalism question in the Subject line.


Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018

Good afternoon.

You should be finishing up the Cropping and Composition Assignment TODAY.

Be sure you have the gallery linked from your Home Page. The steps to make the link are a little different than the written directions due to a recent update to the software. I will go over that process today.

After you have made your link, be sure to ask me to upload your site and CHECK ONLINE ON THE LIVE WEBSITE to make sure everything is working.

We’ll talk tomorrow about the next assignment, the Student Portrait, and we’ll plan to take photos on Thursday and Friday.

Monday, Sept. 10, 2018

Today you should be working on exporting your photos into a Gallery using Photo Mechanic.

Here is a link to a tutorial video that shows you the settings you need to enter and where to export your gallery. 

For your First Photos assignment, I’d like you to include ALL of your photos in the gallery. For future assignments, you’ll just choose 10 photos. This time, I’d like to see everything that you took.

Once you get your gallery exported and you’ve made your link, tell me, so I can upload your files to the server. Then you’ll be able to see them online from our website.

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018

Good afternoon!

I am out of the building today.

Today we’re going to look at how to write captions for photos. We mentioned the other day that journalistic photos tell a story and that the captions help give the reader more information than they can get just from looking at the photo. They are very important, especially in the school newspaper and yearbook.

Captions in journalism follow a specific formula. Today you’re going to learn what that looks like and practice writing captions yourself using some photos provided on the form.

Please click on this link, and follow the instructions. . The sub will go over the instructions with you before you begin. PLEASE read the directions carefully before starting. This will be graded, so do your best.

When you finish, be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. Click it at the end of the period, even if you are not finished with all of the captions. The form won’t save your answers unless you do.

Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018


Today you will go out to take your First Photos. Remember that I’m looking for pictures of PEOPLE as much as possible. You should come back with a MINIMUM of 40 USABLE photos. Your partner will help you take notes for captions. You MUST identify all people by FIRST AND LAST NAME, AND GRADE in captions. You will also say what the people are doing, so be sure to take good notes. On Monday, you will switch roles with your partner.

Yesterday we went over camera basics. Please remember these things:

1. ALWAYS have the camera strap around your wist AND ALWAYS carry the camera in your hand. Please do not let it swing by the strap.
2. Check to make sure your BATTERIES are fresh – take a photo before you leave. If the batteries are dying, the low battery icon will flash.
3. Check the LENS to be sure it’s clean. Wipe it with a soft lens cloth. DO NOT use your clothing to clean the lens. It may scratch it.
4. Check the SETTINGS on your camera. Be sure the ISO is on Auto in the P and TV settings, and if you use the TV setting, be sure your SHUTTER SPEED is set correctly, and use the FLASH if you need to.
5. Take your Photojournalism ID and WEAR IT at ALL TIMES when you are out taking photos.
6. PLEASE be on your BEST BEHAVIOR when out on assignment. Your mission is to be as invisible as possible. You are Photo Ninjas. If you have any problems, please contact me immediately. Remember that you should have NO FOOD OR DRINKS with you (or your partner) while you are out taking photos. You should also not be using your cell phone or mp3 player. You are on the job when you are outside of the classroom. Your actions reflect on all of the other Photojournalism students.
7. Be sure to take photos of the DOOR SIGNS outside of the classrooms before you enter so you know where you were and whose class it was.
8. Take photos of the board for notes, textbooks, worksheets, and student IDs to help you write good captions.
9. Take MULTIPLE photos of each shot – from different angles, holding the camera vertically vs. horizontally, with and without flash, etc. Move around the room to get different perspectives.
10. Return at least 10 minutes before class ends so you have time to download your photos.
11. After downloading your photos, return the camera directly to me. Put it in my hands. Do not leave it on my desk, your desk, the table, or anywhere else. Watch me initial the book to indicate that you have returned the camera.