Demonstration Outline Example

OUTLINE EXAMPLE: (courtesy of Ms. Rempfer)


  1. Attention Getter: Have you ever felt awkward when faced with an unfamiliar food, not knowing what it is or even how to eat it?
  2. Topic (thesis) Statement: A mango is one of these very foods that can be complicated, but well worth the effort.
  3. Preview: Today, we will learn different types of mangos, how to prepare and eat one, and different ways mangoes are used.

 Transition Sentence: To start, we have to know what mangoes are and the different types to choose from.”


  1. A mango is a known as a “stone fruit” which means it contains a large seed or pit in the middle and is surrounded by the edible fruit, like a peach”
    1. A mango is originally from South Asia and so is used a lot in Asian food. Especially in Thailand and India. There up to 1,000 different types of mangoes- each is pretty similar in taste- here are the main ones. (show picture)
    2. Need to make sure you choose a ripe mango. Can tell it’s ripe by color and feel. If they don’t change color, is ripe when it’s somewhat squishy- not hard like an apple.

 Transition Sentence: Next we will learn how to actually peel and cut mangoes”

  1. Explain the steps
    1. Need a sharp knife- otherwise wont be able to get through the skin, could bruise the mango
    2. First- cut around the seed of the mango- it’s not something you just eat around like a peach- known as the pit and then the cheeks have the actual fruit you’ll eat
      • can dice
      • use a glass
    3. Clean up- make sure to use soap- very juicy and sticky
      • will keep up to a few days once cut or in the freezer for a few months
      • or can keep ripe mangos in fridge for a week

Transition Sentence: Finally we will learn how to use them and why they’re so delicious!”

  1. Importance or Summary
    1. HEALTHY! Vitamin C (helps immune system), Vitamin A (vision), antioxidants to help prevent against cancer- some say can even benefit skin and hair
    2. used in A LOT of ways- by themselves, in salsa, smoothies, dried mango
      • lots of cuisine likes to use spicy with mango (Vera Mango sucker)- helps sooth the spice (mango chutney, Indian food)


  1. Review: Today we talked about what mangos are, how to prepare them, and why they are so great!
  2. Closure: Next time you’re out and about shopping, don’t be afraid of unknown fruits, because they could turn out the be the most delicious.