Tribute Speech Assignment


Choose a person, living or dead, famous or someone you know, who has had an impact on your life. Who is someone we should know about? Who do you admire? It should be someone who is deserving of this tribute and honor. This speech will be part facts and part your opinion.


  • 4-5 minutes- SUMMATIVE
  • Can use a note card when presenting
  • Must turn in a copy/draft
  • Use a general outline format- must turn in “skeleton outline”

Organization: Outline Format- how you should organize your information

  2. Attention getter- start with an opening statement to get our attention.

You could ask a rhetorical question (a question that doesn’t need to be answered), give an interesting fact, share an interesting quote, etc. Try not to start with “This is my person___________”.

  1. Thesis statement- your topic statement.

Include your tribute’s name, who they are, and briefly why they are an important person. It’s one sentence. Example: “If my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Morey, hadn’t encouraged me to be a writer and to love English, I probably never would have become a teacher.”

  1. BODY- Must have 3 main points (paragraphs) but you may use all the following, any combination, or change some depending on what fits best with your tribute’s information.
  2. (Main point 1) Background information of the person
  3. History- born, where from, basic facts
  4. Family life, school
  5. Hardships and struggles
  1. (Main Point 2) Successes and importance
  2. Accomplishments and achievements
  3. What has the person done for you and for others
  4. Other awards or positive qualities
  1. (Main Point 3) Continued influence
  2. What about all of that info makes this person influential
  3. How will they continue to influence or impact in future
  4. Ways you will try to emulate (follow) this person in later years

III. CONCLUSION- should wrap up or summarize overall idea

  1. Restate thesis- Summarize person’s influence
  2. “Clincher”- strong ending line (choose one of these as way to end)
  3. Appropriate quote
  4. Story- funny or serious
  5. Expression of gratitude

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