Time: 5-7 Minutes- (points deducted if under or way over time)
  **Under 3 minutes= automatic failure and redo

Source Citations: need at least ONE verbal citation per point, cite WHILE SPEAKING
**Need AT LEAST 3**: source came from, author (if available), date published/update 

Criteria for evaluation:
of speech: introduction, body, conclusion

-Development of argument: claim, reasoning, evidence

– Delivery: eye contact, vocal projection and quality, posture and nonverbals

**Remember, this is not just a book report to recite. You are trying to CHANGE your audience’s thoughts, feelings, and actions!**

Audience Connection: Did the speaker attempt to relate and connect?

General notes:
Can use outline or draft, must be typed (NO HOLDING A NOTEBOOK UP THERE!)

You will write (and be graded on)  a first draft and a final copy as well.

*Reminder: This speech is required for graduation. You are expected to give your speech on the day that you sign up. If you do not give your speech on that day, you get a ZERO for your speech, and you FAIL the class. As long as you give your speech, you may redo it later for a better grade, but you MUST give your speech on the day you are assigned.
Here is the point breakdown again.

This speech is worth 200 points: 

Outline                     20 points
First Draft                20 points
Final Copy               30 points
Works Cited            10 points
Self Evaluation        10 points
Peer Feedback        10 points

Presentation  100 points

Extra Credit:
1.  Speech is memorized.
2. Dressed professionally
3. Sign up for first speaker

Here is the grading rubric for this speech. You will be graded on Organization and Delivery


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.56.04 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.56.14 PM 






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