Informative Speech Guidelines

Requirements for the Informative Speech

1.Time Limit: 5-7 Minutes (If it’s under 3 minutes it is an automatic F and you must redo it.)

2. Format: Must have correct parts of a speech.
Introduction: Attention Getter, Thesis, Preview/Forecast
Body/3-5 Main Points: Organized, clearly stated and including transitions and source citations
Conclusion: Reviewed points, restated thesis, clincher

3. Sources:
Must have at least three sources cited and used in the speech (one for each main point)
– Must have a “Works Cited” page- use to create. Must be printed out.

4. Visual Aid(s):
      – Need AT LEAST one visual aid, used in the body of the speech- follow visual aid guidelines.
Must be neatly done and informative.

5. Outline/Final Draft:
– Must turn in an Outline on the date due.
– Must turn in the final speech to BEFORE giving the speech to the class.

A student will NOT Pass this assignment if they:
1. fail to cite sources in speech;
2. plagiarize speech;
3. use another student’s speech as their own;
4. uses more than 150 directly quoted words;
5. do not hand in an MLA Works Cited page; or
6. simply read research.

**Presentations will begin:_____(Date to be determined)_________________

Grading Scale:
This speech is worth 200 points

Outline                     20 points
First Draft                20 points
Final Copy               50 points
Works Cited            10 points
                                  100 points

Presentation  100 points

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