Final Group Speech Project – Vacation!


AS A GROUP (of 3) YOU WILL CREATE AND PLAN A DREAM VACATION FOR A FAMILY OF 4 (Two adults, two children) for a minimum of 5 days (including travel time).

Your group must work together to TEACH US about the place and holiday, and present the plan in class. MAKE US WANT TO GO THERE!

Include these elements:

    Teach about the country and/or city you will be visiting.
  • A history of the country/city
  • A description of the culture found in that country
  • Language, population, weather, etc.


    You must choose a special holiday, once a year celebration, or once a year event that is specific to that country. Your visit should be during that holiday.
  • Describe HOW it is celebrated and WHAT it is for.
    • Example: 4th of July in Washington DC


    Include 3-4 main selling points of the trip. Tell us why we should choose your trip.
    These can be:
  • Places to visit: museums, malls, tourist sites, geographical phenomenons
    • Example: Grand Canyon or Times Square in NYC
  • Food to eat
    • Example: Most famous restaurants or specific type of food to try- Chicago style pizza
  • Activities to do
    • Example: Riding tallest roller coaster, surfing, site-seeing, etc.


    • List travel and lodging expenses (roundtrip airfare, lodging, food, etc.)
    • Your budget is $8,000. 



Each culture has different ways to offend people – make sure you look up what NOT TO DO in terms of:

  • Nonvebals or gestures
  • Clothing
  • Language
  • Public customs (eating, walking in street, tipping, transportation, etc.)


Overall Requirements

  • Presentation should last 7-10 minutes
  • Each group member must speak during presentation
  • Each group member must help research and create presentation
  • Presentation (Powerpoint or Google Slides) MUST include:
    • Visuals/pictures
    • ONLY title or captions for words – not the text of your speech.
    • Be sure to include the Google Slide presentation in your Google Classroom Folder with the Draft of your speech. 
  • Group Paper- write a COLLECTIVE paper/script
    • In parenthesis note who wrote which parts (Bob)
  • AT LEAST 3 Sources
    • list websites on last page of presentation slides

**You can use Culture Grams website to find information about the country and the people**

  1. Type in
  2. Click on the blue “L”
  3. Scroll down to about halfway and on the left of the page you will see CultureGrams     click on this image
  4. Find your city/country and get to work!